Charlie Murrant

Junior Recruitment Consultant

About Charlie

As part of the Manufacturing & Technologies team, I work a variety of engineering roles with clients in many different sectors. This means I could work an electronics engineering position within power generation or a mechanical design engineer within the marine industry.

Due to the nature of my work, I am able to take on many different roles, without being exclusive to one role or sector. This allows me to be versatile and enables a lot more exposure to the different industries and the positions within them. I have worked positions from technician level, all the way up to senior management positions, and continue to take on new and exciting roles every day.

I am completely new to the industry, looking to learn and build a career for myself.

Three words that describe my approach

Approachable, enthusiastic and diligent.

Something about me

I am a big fan of a good book and a good TV show, I enjoy trekking and making regular visits to the gym.

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