Rolls-Royce SMR & ARM: Recruitment Partners

ARM has collaborated with Rolls-Royce SMR as an official Recruitment Business Partner, aiming to source and deliver dynamic new talent that aligns with the company’s ambitious growth objectives for 2024.

Created specifically to deliver their innovative clean energy solution, Rolls-Royce SMR Ltd uses established nuclear technology and intel to offer a low cost, deliverable, global & scalable and investable solution to the world’s energy crisis.

One Clear Vision

Rolls-Royce SMR has been established with a clear vision – to deliver clean, affordable energy for all.

To achieve this goal, speed and certainty are critical. Because Rolls-Royce SMR can produce a repeatable factory-built power station, that relies on tried and tested nuclear technology, it can be constructed and made operational far more quickly than conventional bespoke nuclear design and build technology.

‘SMR’ stands for Small Modular Reactor. They are advanced nuclear reactors that can provide energy to up to a million homes per reactor. They produce low-carbon electricity and help to tackle the global threat of climate change.

It is a cost-effective, highly competitive source of ‘always-on’ energy, reducing risk with a factory-built commoditised product, designed to make a meaningful impact across multiple countries by meeting unprecedented demand for clean energy.

Why Rolls-Royce SMR?

  • Deliverable: Approximately 90% of manufacturing and assembly takes place in factory conditions, maintaining a high-quality product and reducing onsite disruption.
  • Low Cost: Using proven and commercially available technology to deliver a fully integrated factory-built nuclear power plant means  revolutionising how nuclear power is delivered.
  • Global & Scalable: An entirely scalable model means as demand increases internationally, a direct response is available.
  • Investable: Designed to attract traditional forms of capital through a low risk factory-based solution, Rolls-Royce SMR will offer investors a degree of confidence.
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Pioneers of Clean Energy

With a vision to provide clean, affordable energy to all, Rolls-Royce SMR is dedicated to delivering a radically different approach to nuclear power.

The Rolls-Royce SMR will operate at very high levels of availability (>92%) for 60 years, providing long-term stable clean energy, to support both on-grid electricity and a range of off-grid clean energy solutions.  It will support the decarbonisation of industry and the production of clean fuels to enable the energy transition in the wider heat and transportation sectors.

Why is it needed?

Climate change and its consequences are now rightly acknowledged as one of the greatest challenges ever to face mankind. Rolls-Royce SMR represents the most compelling way nuclear energy can play a significant role in that future clean energy world by helping to decarbonise electricity generation.

Rolls-Royce SMR SMR Manager

“Matt is really engaging and provided valuable input into the process. He is also keeping me up to date with applicants and how far they are through the process which keeps things going smoothly.
I know Matt couldn’t do it with out the support of the team behind him also.
I can truly say that it’s making a difficult job that much easier.”

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