Job Seeker Recruitment

Your career your way...

Whether you’re actively searching for a complete change, or you’re just mulling over your options, you need a recruitment partner that understands your needs. After years of working with a diverse range of talent we know that what you prioritise is clear communication, honesty and trust.

We want you to work with one recruiter and we want that recruiter to be us. But we know that we have to earn that trust. To do that, we put you at the centre of what we do – it’s not about why we are different, it’s about why you are different.

1. Your personal career goals

We believe effective recruitment is down to developing meaningful relationships with you. That relationship is based on communication, trust and loyalty. We dedicate time to understanding exactly who you are so you’re placed in front of the right opportunities that suit your exact needs.

2. Finding the right balance

Changing jobs is unlike any other decision. Your professional aspirations need to be balanced against your personal needs. Your family life, location and related benefits are all important factors to consider. At ARM we don’t just find you the job we help you negotiate the entire package so that you’re always supported at every step.

3. We speak the same language

Technical and engineering markets are where we excel. From technological developments to industry legislation, we keep up to date with how the sectors are progressing so that we speak your language and can highlight exactly where your skills are best placed.

4. Fitting in

You’re more than just a skill set. How well you fit into an organisation is just as important as how skilled you are at a job. We consistently monitor opportunities to ensure cultural fit so that you don’t just get a job, but a great job that is both satisfying and helps you perform at your best.

5. We’re with you all the way

Our relationship with you doesn’t end when you’ve started a new job. Whether you’re considering another move, or if there are skills you need to acquire or refine, we’re here to support you throughout your entire career. Find out about the training programmes we offer through Optamor, also part of Serocor.

The passion and enthusiasm that our team brings to permanent recruitment creates an experience unlike any other in recruitment. We care about getting you where you need to be as quickly and efficiently as possible.