Second in a series of blogs by #RecruitmentMum, Lou Earp, Recruitment Consultant at ARM

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I picked my eldest up from pre-school last Thursday, together with a note about the Easter Bonnet parade that is taking place today, where we have to make a bonnet for our children (most parents’ worst nightmare!)

Over the weekend, I took my son to a craft shop where we looked around at all the different crafty bits to make said hat. He looked up at me, with so much excitement and said "Mummy, please, please can you make me an Avengers AND Minions AND Spiderman AND Batman hat?" Looking down at my son’s cute little face and his huge grin, I thought "I have to make this happen, I cannot let him down". 

I quickly thought of an idea and we bought all of the bits that we needed. Of course I couldn’t make it in the daytime as we had all three children at the weekend and so it was manic. They were full of excitement and we enjoyed a lovely walk by the sea.  All the kids went to bed relatively early as they were shattered.

My husband sat down to put the rugby on and I sloped off to the kitchen to start creating my son’s dream hat (no, I didn’t watch the rugby!).  I worked endlessly for hours on this hat, it pretty much involved blood, sweat and tears. I had to do a good job - I just had to make it happen!

I completed it, thank goodness, feeling pretty pleased with myself. I had managed to create something that was not a complete mess and an extra bonus, I only glued my fingers together twice in the process!

If I’m given a task to do, I will work my socks off to do the very best job that I can. That look on my son’s face just made it all worthwhile. I guess I get the same feeling at work, when I know I’ve done a good job in finding a candidate a new role and filling a challenging role for a client.

The next morning, my son woke up and went running down the stairs (me frantically following) and the look on his face when he saw his hat was absolutely priceless. I only wish I’d filmed it so I could see it over and over again. I’m even smiling about it now whilst I type this.

We walked into pre-school this morning, my son grinning from ear to ear, wearing his hat proudly and me grinning from ear to ear feeling overly proud for my son. It was only when I looked up and saw the expression on the faces of all the other parents that I realised very quickly…. I had become "that" parent!

I then think about this in terms of my role as a recruitment consultant. If putting in all that effort, doing the best job I can and achieving the ultimate goal of making people happy and doing a great job, I guess what I do want to be is "that" recruitment consultant!

Did anyone else have the Easter bonnet challenge this week?

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