12 July 2023

Building your Brand: LinkedIn Lessons

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3 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute.

So why are you still failing to make headway? Clearly there’s an audience, so whether you’re a candidate or recruiter here are some changes you can make to your profile right now. We chatted to Leon, one of our lead recruitment consultants at ARM, to narrow down some quick (& actionable) measures to up our LinkedIn game.

5 Easy Fixes you can make RIGHT NOW

1. Sort out your profile picture.

Whichever side of the hiring arena you’re in, the profile picture is the first thing anyone is going to see—it counts! Not everyone needs a professional headshot, but you can still give your profile a professional look.

  • Ensure you are the only person in the picture; we don’t want to have to puzzle out which of the 5 guys is you.
  • You can definitely smile! This doesn’t have to get through passport photo checks, so do what feels natural—staring expressionless down the camera might come across as a bit intense.
  • Iron your shirt, look presentable—people form a first impression within the first 7 seconds, make it a good one.

2. Attain ‘All-Star LinkedIn Status

This one is so easy, and yet so few people do it. LinkedIn will literally walk you through how to reach ‘All-Star’, filling in each of the necessary sections of your profile, and (to top it all off) it boosts you in the algorithm. If you’re stressed about filling in the Bio section, here are a couple of pointers gathered from Leon & the internet at large.

  • The first 300 characters are the only ones shown in the preview for your profile—make them count.
  • The structure should look something like:

2-3 sentences about what you do: ‘I assist’, ‘I specialise in’, ‘I lead’.

2-3 sentences about what sets you apart: What makes you good at your job? Current projects? Professional recognition, achievements, all that good stuff goes here.

  • Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of your personality into it—if it fits with your approach make a joke, just make sure your bio represents YOU.

3. Know and show your market.

Post consistently—show engagement with the industry you are working/looking to work with. The LinkedIn algorithm loves a regular poster, posting even just once a week will double your engagement rates (although quality is also key). But even separate from the algorithm, demonstrating value to your clients or potential employers starts with showing your knowledge. This is such an easy and effective way to do it. Repost news stories which impact your connections, always adding something to it—draw out a key quote, weigh in on a central debate. Under 5 minutes of your time is enough to reach this bare minimum.

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4. Don’t just post your jobs

(Linking into the previous point) As a recruiter, it’s easy for your profile to become dominated by job postings. But, as with all things, it’s all about balance. People will not engage with you and your account if it’s this dry—unless they’re specifically interested in a job you’re posting, your content is irrelevant. Don’t be irrelevant. Give them something to work with.

5. Be Yourself

It’s impossible to say this in a non-cheesy way but being yourself is probably the most important part. This is your personal brand. These people will work with YOU. Write as you speak so, when you engage with the person over the phone or in person, there isn’t a disconnect. Authenticity is endlessly important. Consider the personal brand you are crafting, and if it actually represents you.

Any other questions on upping your LinkedIn game? Get in touch with us on social media, or contact Leon via LinkedIn (he’s not sponsored, just very passionate).

P.S. Please customise your LinkedIn URL, we don’t want to connect with user86725, we want to connect with you.

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