19 April 2016

How to: Resignation

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When preparing for a resignation, there are a lot of potential pitfalls, mixed emotions, stress. It doesn’t have to be that way. Forewarned is, after all, forearmed. Here are our top tips on the how, what and when of resignation.

Preparing for resignation:

Expect mixed emotions- it’s completely normal! To counter these, try to keep in mind the excitement about your new position. The new people, new opportunities, new challenges. These are all coming your way.

The When:

It is helpful to choose a “business as usual” busy time that best avoids uncomfortable or awkward situations.

The How:

Resign in writing. Because you mean it and it’s not an invitation to “chat”. Avoid the unwelcome pressure and show them you’re serious. Putting it in writing, with carefully worded sentences, sets the right professional tone for a smooth transition out.

Study the art of deflection. Any current employer will naturally want to seek information, but:

  • Avoid detailed information disclosure
  • Keep all bridges intact
  • Always return the conversation to the decision made

Be ready for any employer tactics. These could include:

  • Love-ins and everyone dropping by
  • Re-hashed organisation charts – “we were about to tell you..”
  • Old mentors “you can’t possibly leave!”
  • Emotional pull – “do this one thing for me personally”
  • Counter offers – cold hard cash is often next year’s pay rise.

Just to sweeten the deal…
Here’s our example resignation letter:

Dear …

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation and x months’ notice with my final day being xxx.

I am grateful for the success we have been able to achieve together at [company name], but I have now made a firm commitment to joining another organisation.

Please note that I intend to work with you to complete any outstanding work during my notice period in order to make my resignation as smooth as possible.

I am eager to leave on a positive note and look forward to discussing with you how to accomplish this.

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