21 March 2024

Use a Contractor.

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Using a contractor could be one of the best recruitment decisions you ever make.

Are you handling an unexpected peak in demand? Controlling bottom-line fixed people costs? Attempting to access niche skills for a planned project? Contractors can help.

The ongoing talent shortage, across the spectrum of technical disciplines is a hot topic right now. The truth is though, if you know where to look you’ll find all the skills you need.

Contracting has grown in popularity of late, as talented individuals realise they can take control of their own careers. Simultaneously, opportunities for working on a contract basis have grown. Organisations are seeing the benefit of drawing on this capable talent pool.

Here are some of the key ways you and your business can benefit from choosing a flexible contracting resource.

Rapidly fill a short-term gap in your workforce

In the dynamic landscape of the UK job market, having a reliable contractor UK is essential. These skilled professionals offer a flexible solution for businesses facing sudden challenges. When urgent projects arise, a trusted recruitment partner can swiftly connect you with the right UK contractor to fill the gap.

This ensures that you can seize contractor job opportunities and manage unforeseen personnel shifts seamlessly. With immediate access to top talent, you’re equipped to tackle any task, maintaining productivity and quality. This on-demand resource pool empowers you to navigate fluctuations in workload confidently, delivering results without compromising on excellence in execution. Explore the vast potential of contractor jobs with a partner you can depend on.

Access niche skills on-demand

Imagine you’re about to embark on a 12-month project. You know you require a highly specialised set of skills for a relatively short period of time. It can take weeks to find the right person. But when you use a contractor, short-term talent demands and associated project work can be met the next day.

Find out why hiring contractors is easier than you think.

Introduce new ideas, innovations and ways of working

Seasoned contractor UK professionals bring a wealth of cross-vertical expertise and cultural
adaptability to the table. Continuously honing their skills, they understand the importance of
staying marketable. This drive translates into quick, high-impact value addition, often in the
form of innovative ideas. Moreover, UK contractors tend to be industry-agnostic, offering a
fresh perspective to your organisation.

Embracing their insights may unearth novel approaches and enhanced practices, leaving a
lasting positive impact long after their contract concludes. In a rapidly evolving business
landscape, leveraging the strengths of experienced contractors can be a strategic move
towards sustained growth and innovation. Explore the potential of contractor jobs and tap
into a reservoir of dynamic expertise for your organisation’s benefit.

Protect your bottom line

One of the often unsung attractions of using contractors is the empowerment to turn your cost base off and on at will. This will be music to your Financial Director’s ears and will help your case with the HR team! If you do not need to recruit permanent staff (and of course there are times when this is essential), then the contracting approach can help move recruitment costs out of the operational expenditure column and in to the capital expenditure one.

One of the concerns of using contractors is the risk. Can I trust this person to represent my organisation and brand on site with a client? What if they leave before the task is completed? How can I be sure about the quality of their work? The great thing about contractors is you can agree the terms of the contract. Therefore, you can be sure that any money you do spend is done safely in the knowledge that the scope of work you have agreed will be delivered professionally, on time and to the required standard.

Why hire an independent contractor?

Hiring an independent contractor offers numerous benefits for businesses. Firstly, it allows
you to bring in specialised expertise without the commitment of a full-time employee. This
means you can tap into the skills you need, when you need them, without the burden of
long-term overheads. Additionally, independent contractors are often highly motivated and
efficient, as their livelihood depends on delivering high-quality work.

They also bring fresh perspectives and ideas, which can stimulate innovation and drive
projects forward. Furthermore, hiring independents allows you to scale up or down
according to project demands, giving you greater flexibility and adaptability in an ever
changing marketplace. In summary, independent contractors offer a cost-effective, efficient,
and flexible way to augment your team, helping you achieve your goals without the
unnecessary strain on resources.

Find out more about how to hire a contractor.

Why choose us?

At ARM, we pride ourselves on being the go-to recruitment partner for businesses seeking top-notch independent contractors. Our extensive network of vetted professionals covers a wide range of sectors and skill sets, allowing us to quickly source the best fit for your specific needs.
Our rigorous screening process ensures that only the most qualified and reliable contractors make it onto our books, giving you peace of mind and guaranteeing high-quality results. What’s more, our dedicated account management team provides exceptional customer service, offering tailored support throughout the entire recruitment process. By choosing ARM, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the right person for the job, promptly and efficiently. Let us help you achieve your business objectives with ease – contact us today to learn more.

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Alleviate HR headaches

Working with a specialist company, such as ARM, can give you a big head start on recruitment, as you’ll have access to a team of specialist recruiters with extensive talent networks. They know what projects are coming to an end, who is available and when, matching your demands against available talent and supplying the best possible fit to meet your requirements.

On a practical level, using contractors via a recruiter not only mitigates risk. It also reduces administration and ensures legislative compliance, from IR35 to payroll as contractors are paid directly by the recruiter.

Finally, remember that contractors are seasoned professionals. They are highly adept at being thrown in at the deep end, integrating quickly within an established team and getting the job done to the highest possible standard for you and your organisation.

If you’d like to investigate this solution in more detail, please get in touch.

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