21 March 2024

How to: Hire a Contractor

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When hiring a contractor, compliance is one of the fastest-growing concerns for British businesses. In the near future, a raft of data protection laws and tax legislations come into force. Risk mitigation and management is vital, making the whole process more than just a little challenging.

Niche skills are increasingly difficult to attract on a permanent basis. As the workforce ages, and key knowledge is lost, taking on contractors has become a common, convenient and crucial option.

If you haven’t done this before, it can seem a little daunting. But don’t miss out on this treasure trove of talent. Here are seven ways to hire a contractor: It’s actually much easier than you think.

What is a Contractor?

A contractor is a highly skilled professional who offers specialised services to businesses on a temporary basis. In essence, they are independent experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to projects, providing valuable support to companies in need. These individuals possess a diverse skill set and often excel in their respective fields, such as engineering, IT, or construction.

Contractors offer flexibility and efficiency to organisations. When faced with a short-term project or a sudden surge in workload, hiring a contractor can be an optimal solution. They bring a fresh perspective and adapt quickly to new environments, enabling them to hit the ground running and deliver results promptly.

Additionally, contractors are self-employed, which means they handle their own taxes, insurance, and other administrative tasks. This relieves businesses from the burden of additional paperwork and allows them to focus on core operations.

By engaging a contractor, companies gain access to top talent without the long-term commitment of a full-time employee. Contractors provide a cost-effective solution while maintaining high standards of professionalism and expertise.

If you’re seeking specialised support for your projects or require additional resources to meet tight deadlines, hiring a contractor is a strategic choice that can drive your business forward.

Where Do I Find the Right Contractor?

In the realm of contractor jobs, finding the right UK contractor can be a daunting task. But fear not, for ARM is here to streamline the process. We recognise the significance of securing skilled contractors who deliver outstanding results. Whether it’s construction, remodeling, or maintenance, our vast network of proficient contractors is at your service. Their expertise guarantees your project will be handled with
precision and professionalism.

At ARM, our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We are your go to resource for locating the ideal contractor to suit your requirements. Don’t squander valuable time and energy on endless searches. Let us connect you with the perfect contractor UK for your project’s success.

Why Hire a Contractor?

1) You work with a trusted contractor partner

This is the starting point for a smooth and convenient process. Team up with a respected contractor recruitment agency. Your dedicated consultant will carry out site visits, get a clear understanding of your business and what you’re looking for. During this process, this individual becomes as much a part of your hiring team as your in-house recruiters.

2) Someone else will worry about potential risk areas

This is the important point: compliance. The implications of getting the hiring process wrong are huge and costly. The responsibilities are numerous and onerous. So outsource them.

You need someone with an understanding of IR35 & tax regulations. Someone to keep HMRC happy and produce contractor terms, to implement fair and equal recruiting processes, to ensure Right to Work requirements are satisfied. Having someone onboard who knows the insurance type required, who can do all this checking- that’s a weight off anyone’s shoulders.

Let someone else have the worry. Your trusted partner agency will undertake these elements, providing clear advice and guidance where necessary. No sleepless nights for you.

3) Niche skills are available

The nature of contracting is usually short term and very specialised. This means there are vast pools of contractors, ready and able to work once their current assignment ends. Despite what industry press will have you believe, those skills are available, just on a short-term basis.

Some of the most talented people, with the skills and knowledge your business needs, are actively searching for their next contract. You could engage them.

Read how your organisation can benefit from a great contractor

4) It’s fast

You could have contractors on site significantly quicker than you would a permanent hire.

At ARM, clients call with a requirement and the contractor starts as early as the next day. Our consultants produce the contracts, handle the referencing, onboarding, documentation and compliance. We leave you free to deliver your project work even faster.

5) You could save money

A common barrier against taking on contractors is cost. Yet consider the extras for permanent staff: National Insurance, pension contributions, pay for holiday, sickness and parental leave, plus any other benefits. Then the internal costs incurred.

Talk to us about your contractor requirements 

6) You don’t need to worry about payroll

Contractor jobs often come with a straightforward payment process. UK contractors typically submit timesheets on a weekly basis. For clients with their own timesheet system, seamless integration with our payment system ensures timely payments without hassle. Alternatively, ARM offers the user-friendly Timesheet platform, ETZ, for companies without an existing system.

Any queries or adjustments can be easily handled directly between the contractor and our dedicated team, giving you peace of mind knowing that the process is in capable hands. Trust ARM to streamline the payment process, allowing you to focus on the success of your projects and the satisfaction of your contractors.

7) You don’t need to manage your contractors

Contractors temporarily swell the headcount.  However, these skilled individuals are contracted with the agency, which means the agency manages them.

Our designated Contract Support Team calls to check how contractors are getting on and escalating any issues to the appropriate consultant. The entire management piece is taken care of by us, so your managers won’t need to assume any additional responsibility.

So, that’s the process. And it could work for your business too.

Thinking about taking on contractors? Have a chat with our contract recruitment team to discover a solution which meets your needs.

When not to hire a contractor?

There are many cases where hiring a contractor is the best option. However, there are also some situations where it may not be the right choice. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a contractor: The size and complexity of the project: If the project is small and straightforward, you may be able to handle it yourself or with the help of a friend or family member. However, if the project is large or complex, it is best to hire a professional contractor who has the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Your budget: Hiring a contractor can be expensive, so it is important to factor in the cost of materials, labour, and overhead when making your decision. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider doing the work yourself or hiring a less expensive contractor.

Your time constraints: If you need the project completed quickly, you may not have time to do it yourself or find a qualified contractor. In this case, it may be necessary to hire a contractor who can meet your deadline. Your skills and experience: If you do not have the skills or experience to complete the project, it is best to hire a contractor. This is especially true if the project involves working with hazardous materials or electrical wiring. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use a contractor is a personal one. However, by considering the factors above, you can make an informed decision that is right for you.

Things to consider when hiring a contractor

When hiring a contractor, there are a few key things you need to consider to ensure that you get the best possible results. Here are a few tips below:

1. Get multiple estimates: This will help you compare prices and find the best deal.
2. Check the contractor’s references: Talk to previous clients to get an idea of the contractor’s work quality and customer service.
3. Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured: This will protect you in case of any accidents or damages.
4. Get everything in writing: This includes the scope of work, the timeline, the cost, and the payment terms.
5. Be clear about your expectations: Be sure to communicate your needs and expectations to the contractor so that there are no surprises down the road. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of hiring a contractor who will do a great job and leave you satisfied.

Why Come to ARM?

At ARM, we take pride in being your trusted partner for contractor hiring needs. With our extensive industry experience and global network, we connect you with highly skilled professionals who are experts in their fields. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that you receive top-notch contractors who are reliable and deliver exceptional results.

We understand the importance of agility in today’s fast-paced business environment, and our flexible solutions cater to your specific requirements. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, choosing ARM means accessing a diverse pool of talent and seamless contractor management. Experience excellence with ARM – your go-to contractor hiring solution.

Contact our team now to get started.

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