G-Cloud and the Digital Marketplace

Simplifying procurement of resources and services for the public sector

ARM is an award-winning resource services provider with G-Cloud status in the people space. This means we have established framework agreements within the Digital Marketplace, which eases the procurement process for UK public sector organisations.

We are able to supply specialist cloud based transition, transformation, digitisation, management and cyber security technology, talent and expertise.

All public sector organisations can use the Digital Marketplace to find people and technology for digital projects. All Digital Marketplace suppliers have successfully been through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) process, making procurement cheaper and faster for public sector organisations.

The areas we work in

We are proud to work with a range of businesses from the vendors that develop and sell products and solutions, to the consultancies that provide integration and value added services. We also work with end users that seek protection, assurance and compliance. We focus on the perimeter, the access and security of the data within it, the end points that connect to it, and the handling and remediation of the incidents that compromise it.

The people we work with

We are experts in working with permanent staff and professional contractors from a wide range of cyber security disciplines and skillsets across the UK, Europe, Middle East and United States. We recruit a defined range of talent from engineers, through to consultants and architects as well as project managers and penetration testers.

Digital Marketplace Service Capabilities

These wide ranging service capabilities include: 

Business Change Service. The service provides a full suite of expertise to deliver transformation programmes. We have an exemplary track record in delivering all scale change programmes across the Public Sector. Our services include: Managing Strategy around Change, Preparing Systems & Process Change, Transitioning to New Sourcing Models and Digital Transformation.

Business Management Planning Service. The service has a track record in delivering expertise into the wider public sector. The service provides enterprise resource planning and specialist business management consultancy across a range of disciplines and programmes. Our services include: ERP Consultancy, E-Invoicing, E-Procurement, Paperless Environments, Shared Services and Specialist Business Systems.

Cyber Landscape Readiness Assessment Service. This service independently assures our customers and their supply chains that their Cyber Security measures have reached or are equivalent to the Government’s mandatory Cyber Essentials accreditation program. Compliance with the program will reassure elements of the supply chain that business integrity is secure and fit for purpose.

Delivery Environment Analysis Service. The service has a track record in deploying Delivery Analysis teams into the wider public sector. Our services include Solution Design and Architecture, Technical Development, Test Environment Analysis and Solution Delivery.

Delivery Management Service. The service provides a full suite of expertise to deliver project and programme management capabilities. The service delivers strategically measurable outcomes, across small to large scale programmes, often within a PMO environment. Our service includes: Managing Projects and Programmes, Business Analysis, PMO and Strategic Leadership.

Enterprise Cloud and Service Architecture. The service provides a range of capabilities from which customers can create a deployment or transition project to migrate applications to the cloud, to prepare applications for cloud migration and to migrate to a Data Centre or other similar activities.

Outcome Based Digital Performance Analysis Service. The service delivers outcome based digital performance processes and analysis for both small and large organisations. Our services include Data Analysis, Technical Development, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Customer Insight, Marketing Intelligence and Reporting.

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