New year, new me...just like last year!

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Yes, it is that time of year when the pubs are empty, the gyms are heaving, our kitchens are full of fruit and veg, and the biscuits have been hidden at the back of the cupboard.

We all do the same, perhaps the ‘resolution’ changes from time to time but we all have the desire to make this year better than the last, and why not! Even if you had the best year ever in 2015, surely you want 2016 to be better? You certainly don’t want it to be worse that’s for sure!

For most, the new year brings a desire to shed a few pounds, drink less, stop smoking, or to really get into that hobby you have spent the last five years contemplating. But for a few of you, 2016 could be the year of the job change!

In my last blog I spoke about how December was a great time to discuss new roles and see what else was out there for you in the Security marketplace as more and more offers were being made. Well it was true, we even had offers on the 23rd and 24th of December, making me feel like Santa Claus delivering early presents (I know I know, lame but true!). Whilst December was busy, January is equally as busy for both the client and candidate.

Candidate – why now?

Take advantage of this time for change and improve your current situation, whether it’s:

  • Spending more time with the family (or perhaps a role that involves a bit more time away!).
  • A better commute – being stuck in traffic in January with rain pouring down and everyone else as grumpy as you is not good.
  • The old classic, more money needed next year (admittedly we could also just save a little and make sure we don’t spend December piling it all on credit cards but let’s be honest…an extra £5K on your basic with a shorter commute would save that hassle!).


  • For most, April is the start of the new FY so those that have the budget for new hires want to spend it now before it gets taken away. Suddenly recruitment jumps up a few notches on the priority post and we recruiters start getting a few more calls saying “I need a XXXXX to start before March (just to be safe and so my FD doesn’t ask too many questions)”.
  • For the others, the new calendar could mark the start of the new FY too, in which case “budget is in place, the sales team are going to be marching forward so we need the right technical talent in place.”
  • Like a broken record, cyber security stories are on every news page across the globe. We are living in a technical world where the need for security professionals is growing and the shortage of available talent is increasing so any switched on security driven business is always looking for talent!

What is my point?

Quite simply, the market is busy and it is time for change!

Perhaps my point is one that could apply to any month of 2015/2016, but seeing as this is the month of change for so many, let me make it again.

For those of you in the world of Cyber Security, the time for change is constant, the recruitment space is thriving with opportunities offering some an improvement in work/home life balance, progression in career, and for others simply more money. So if there is a time for change, it is now and you should contact our team to find out what opportunities we have and what opportunities we can create for you!

For those of you looking for talent, yes there is a shortage on skills but it is a shortage not a drought. The talent is there and available! We work with most candidates to find suitable opportunities, speaking to the companies they want to work for and discovering roles. If you want to find out about the passive and active talent we work with, please get in touch ASAP!