First part of the ARM Training Academy is over!

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The second and final week of the first part of ARM Contract Academy training finishes today, and for both recruits and trainers it has been another tough one.

Derek on week two

Derek Goff, Learning and Development Manager and Trainer has the following update:

"We have seen some amazing delivery from the new recruits. This week, each recruit delivered their client pitch confidently and were using all the new skills acquired over the last two weeks. Yesterday, we refined those skills with role play and presentations with a view to having a more client-focused approach next week. Leads are being generated, objections are being handled and spec calls are being planned.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two weeks and am genuinely impressed with the efforts, dedication and behaviour of everyone in the team. I’m looking forward to coming back at the end of the month to hear how the practice is generating results."

Damian’s week two insights

Damian Hicklin offers the following on the second week:

“Lots of the guys have been falling asleep on their sofas mid-evening this week. It is surprising how much a training programme can take it out of you. I’ve also noticed a few people switching from a traditional carbohydrate lunch, to something lighter, less carb intensive, although the sugary snacks are still prevalent with old school mini rolls seeming popular.

This week included a three-hour session with the Group CFO, Mark Gawthorne. Mark visited the 20th floor of Tower 42 to give our new trainees a grounding in the nuances of how our business operates, and the importance of managing both the clients we support, and the talent we represent. I’m unsure how many businesses afford a group of new employees so much time with their CFO, particularly given it is budget season for our H2. 

Our week two programme has taken our new contract academy trainees through some dry, in-depth but critical compliance, process, legal and commercial content. For the first time in my decade at ARM I have noticed an eagerness, with an intense, inquisitive set of minds piecing together the training modules – we have underestimated that in the timings, but it’s all good, rather that than an unengaged team.

This is my first time recruiting without knowing which careers and interests my recruits had before joining the business. There are nine people in total who have chosen to work with the ARM IT and Cyber Security business. All I know is that one of them went to university and studied Business Studies, and someone else was a Junior Stockbroker. It is very refreshing and reminds me that too often subconscious preconceptions are made from what you see in black and white, I’m going to work on this and fight those preconceptions.”

There has been lots of training and lots of learning this week, it all sounds exhausting but ultimately a rewarding experience for all parties involved. Roll on week three!