A brand new arm.co.uk

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ARM has formed a passionately pioneering partnership with Ph.Creative to transform its website over the coming months.

The project is inspired by John Dunaway and Leon Howgill, joint Managing Directors of the business. They are leading ARM towards a progressive online presence that will give our customers a much improved web experience. The team, backed by the infamous 'Google Dave' Hazlehurst, has already started work with a series of workshops and fact-finding exercises.

Dave says:

“The team at Ph.Creative and I are all really energised about partnering on the relaunch of ARM’s new website.  We have a very customer-focused approach to mapping, designing and developing all of our clients' websites, with customer empathy acting as the philosophy that underpins everything we do.

It’s for this reason that we’re thrilled to be working with a recruitment organisation that really shares our passion for the customer experience. The vibrancy and energy that the ARM team bring to the project, fills us with the confidence that our partnership will produce a truly game-changing recruitment site that provides users with a world-class brand experience.”

We are inviting customers to get involved in the process – creating an excellent customer experience is paramount to us, so please get in contact we would love to hear from you!

Get involved

We are running a short survey, this shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes of your time – employers click here and candidates click here – all participants will be invited to a launch party later in the year.

Please contact marketing@arm.co.uk for further information and to get involved.