When should you stop listening to job opportunities?

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The Cyber Security marketplace is currently riddled with skills shortages. There’s a severe supply and demand issue, which is seeing talented staff move around the marketplace, rather than new talent joining it. 

This means that to attract people to move jobs they need to be enticed by new opportunities, the promise of career progression and often a great salary. 

That said, some people simply don’t wish to explore new opportunities and won’t even discuss them, which brings me to my point – should you ever stop listening to job opportunities? 

Job opportunities 

“Good morning. I have an interesting job opportunity that appears to match your skills and may offer great career progression. Can we arrange a chance to talk?” 

A common message that I’m sure you’ve received from time to time, but did you act on it? 

In search of greener grass 

Often, our first reaction is to say “Not right now” or “I'm not looking to move job”. After all, this call may have come out of the blue and may have been a shock if you weren’t considering moving jobs. 

So, what triggers your job hunt? Do you wait until you’re unhappy in your job? Have you noticed your performance slipping? Are your colleagues being promoted or leaving the company? Then again, perhaps you take a proactive approach – regularly evaluating your current job against your career aspirations and making changes strategically. 

Almost everyone has a career goal and, although you may feel that you’ve achieved it, there’s always the chance that there’s a better, more fulfilling (or better paying) role out there for you. 

When everything’s going well at work it can be tempting to stop looking at job opportunities. Perhaps you work 20 minutes from home and manage a well-performing team in an ever evolving company. But what if you could earn an extra £10,000, work from home and manage an ever expanding company?

It’s always worth taking that call from your friendly recruiter and listening to the opportunity on offer. What’s the worst that could happen? You can always say no.

Opening up to opportunities

I hope that, as the market becomes more competitive, people will become more open to opportunities. The ARM Cyber Security team regularly ask job hunters what motives them to initiate a job search and what’s important about their next employer. The common trends so far all revolve around technology, working with the latest versions and kit and being able to experience new challenges. 

If you’d like to hear about new opportunities in information security, and to discuss what would tempt you to consider a new role, contact myself or a member of the ARM Cyber Security team on 02392 228 237 or email me direct on tom.hickling@arm.co.uk.