Is business change now business as usual?

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I have been working in the IT Project and Change Management arena for some time now, and over the last 12 months there has been a common theme around business change and the word everyone loves to use: transformation.

This got me thinking and, after speaking with my clients, candidates and network, I was left asking the question: is business change and transformation now simply business as usual?

Change is the only constant

The world in which we live is an ever changing one – especially from an IT point of view where constant change has become the norm. So, when we aren’t changing and evolving, we feel that we are going backwards and being left behind. The Harvard Business Review ran an interesting article back in 2012, which predicted the trend for change becoming the new normal – a pattern that I believe we are now starting to see.

Demand for change management professionals

Over the past year I have been asked to recruit heavily for Project & Change Managers who can oversee change and transformation projects, to help future proof businesses. When I ask the question "What will happen after the transformation takes place?" the response is, generally, that they will move onto the next change transformation project, which is fantastic news for the jobs market.

I understand the importance of incremental change; it makes sense to upgrade, implement and migrate frequently on a small scale, rather than oversee a multi-million pound programme of work every ten years.

These are merely my observations on a small section of the technology marketplace but, based on my findings, it begs the question whether these changes are high-impact or purely modernisation, moving with the times and keeping up with competitors.

Changing demand?

Job hunters with major transformation backgrounds currently demand high contract rates and salaries for fixed term roles. However, if demand for Project & Change Managers shifts to business as usual, we may see these roles becoming standard fixtures in every organisation, with permanent change management teams in place.

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