SAP: Time to get your head in the cloud

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The fact that technology is changing is nothing new, but we need to look at why change is taking place and try to predict this to get ahead of the curve. 

Companies are increasingly looking to technology to drive operational efficiencies and one of the biggest areas of focus for businesses in 2014 (and beyond) will be improving capacity and utilisation of business information or data. 

So, what about SAP?

SAP is no different and there are some interesting stats to take note of: the addressable market for SAP is predicted to grow to $240 billion by 2020[i] and steer ever further towards the current zeitgeist technology areas of Cloud, Database and Analytics. 

Interestingly, SAP is already the number one player in the marketplace for Mobility Solutions, Analytics and Applications and has the fastest growing database around. SAP is where it's at and where BI, Analytics and Core SAP products have been in demand over the past 10 years. Times are changing and it’s time to get your head in the cloud. 

In-demand SAP skills


SAP HANA unites database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis and predictive processing to enable businesses to operate in real-time. 

A great example is the SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository) module built in SAP HANA, which allows major Retailers such as Boots and Marks & Spencer to gather massive amounts of real-time customer transactional (POS) data and also analyse current stock levels across all stores - enabling real-time inventory analysis. 

SAP Mobile

SAP’s Enterprise Mobility Software lets businesses mobilise their entire organisation, empowering their workforces and giving them the freedom to handle critical tasks and make important decisions in real-time and while on the move. 

Where next for SAP?

Where are the next big investments in SAP going to be? I’d certainly welcome your views and opinions on this and to also discuss the SAP market in general. Join the debate on ARM Technology's LinkedIn page.