12 February 2024

Close Contract (Contract Recruitment)

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The UK is one of the three most successful countries for contract recruitment.

According to OnRec, an astonishing 86% of British recruitment industry turnover in 2019 is covered by contract placements. Additionally, 43% of the candidate market comprises highly skilled professionals. This means higher margins are available for recruiters. There are many exciting opportunities in contract recruitment!

We interviewed some of ARM’s contract recruitment consultants. Here’s their take.

A supportive environment

Our contract recruiters come from markedly different backgrounds. Some have previous experience. Others transferable skills.

“Once I’d successfully interviewed with the Manufacturing team, I was then offered the chance to start a new division,” Lisa says. “ARM encourages autonomy, and I felt wholly supported setting up procurement and supply chain.”

Join our dynamic team of contract recruiters and explore exciting opportunities in contract recruitment. Be part of a contracting recruitment agency that values autonomy and supports your growth.

The chance to grow

Working for ARM, I have been promoted twice. From Consultant to Senior to Principal Consultant, to Sales Manager. A lot of companies out there promise and never deliver, but my experience with ARM has been very rewarding.”

All in all, career progression, nice teammates and uncapped commission considered, we’re pretty proud of our workplace. In light of this, If you’d like to be part of our team, explore our latest contract recruiter jobs and opportunities within our contracting recruitment agency.

Choose ARM today.

What is Contract Recruitment?

Contract recruitment involves hiring individuals for specific projects or time-bound roles. As a leading contracting recruitment agency, ARM specialises in connecting skilled professionals with contract recruiter jobs across various industries. Contract recruitment agencies like ARM provide flexible staffing solutions, allowing businesses to scale their workforce according to project demands. Our dedicated team of contract recruiters ensures seamless placement and support throughout the contract period. Whether you’re a candidate seeking contract opportunities or a company in need of skilled contractors, ARM is your trusted partner in contract recruitment.

Benefits of Contract Recruitment

Contract recruitment offers numerous advantages for both employers and candidates. As a leading contracting recruitment agency, ARM understands the value of this flexible staffing solution. For businesses, contract recruitment provides access to specialised skills on a temporary basis, allowing for efficient project execution and cost management.

Employers can scale their workforce according to fluctuating demands without the long-term commitment of permanent hires. For candidates, contract recruiter jobs offer diverse opportunities to gain experience, expand skill sets, and access a variety of industries. At ARM, we leverage our expertise in contract recruitment to match top talent with rewarding contract positions, fostering mutual success and growth.

Also explore the difference between contract and permanent role.

Why Would Candidates Want Contract Positions?

Candidates often seek contract recruiter jobs for various reasons. Contract positions offer flexibility, allowing individuals to work on diverse projects and gain experience across different industries. Contracting also provides opportunities for career advancement, as professionals can showcase their skills and build a strong network of contacts. Additionally, contract roles often offer higher pay rates and the potential for uncapped earnings through bonuses or incentives.

As a reputable contracting recruitment agency, ARM connects candidates with exciting contract opportunities that align with their career goals and aspirations. Whether it’s pursuing new challenges or seeking flexibility, contract positions can be a rewarding choice for ambitious professionals looking to expand their horizons in the workforce.

Why Choose Us?

At ARM, we stand out as a premier contracting recruitment agency for several reasons. Our team of experienced contract recruiters is dedicated to finding the perfect fit for both candidates and clients, ensuring mutual success. We offer personalised support and guidance throughout the recruitment process, making it seamless and stress-free.

With our extensive network and industry expertise, we connect top talent with rewarding contract recruiter jobs across various sectors. Whether you’re a candidate seeking new opportunities or a company in need of skilled contractors, trust ARM to deliver exceptional results. Join us and experience the difference of working with a trusted partner committed to your success.

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