“It was a no brainer” – why Rianna chose to work at ARM

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Starting any new job can be daunting, but what they say is true: it’s what you make of it. One person who’s definitely smashing ‘it’ at ARM is Senior Account Consultant, Rianna Toombs.

Rianna joined ARM only two months ago, but has already received the prestigious 3Ps award which recognises individuals who live by our values of passion, partnership and progression. She was nominated by ARM’s business managers and here’s what they had to say about her:

“After only a matter of weeks in the business, Rianna secured three permanent offers in September to start in Q3. Her attitude is fantastic, she is hard-working, switched-on and already feels like a well-established member of the IT Perm Team.  Rianna’s future looks very bright at ARM.”

We grabbed five minutes with this award-winning rising star and asked her why she chose ARM and what her first impressions have been.

Hi Rianna. What led you to a career in recruitment?

I went to the University of Portsmouth’s Purple Door careers service, after I graduated. The perfect job came up for me at another specialist recruitment company. It involved me travelling to universities across the UK to promote engineering and technology opportunities, to educate the students on specialist technology recruitment agencies and how they could benefit from using them.

From then on, my career naturally evolved and I have gained valuable experience through working in an account manager role as well as some experience within a 360 environment.  I like talking to people, building relationships and just engaging with people – recruitment allows me to do that.

What attracted you to ARM?

I was actually referred by someone internally, which speaks volumes for ARM.  I was a passive candidate, but I was very interested in the Corporate Services team and the structure it sat within. It offered me the opportunity to combine candidate and client engagement; working on some fantastic accounts and attracting talent to introduce to these clients.  It’s everything I enjoy about recruitment so it was a no brainer!

I also made it clear that as a working mum, I needed a company which could offer me flexible working hours, which ARM were very accommodating with. I assured them that in return, I would work hard and put in the time; I’m committed to work but also to my family. My daughter’s just started school, so it’s a pivotal time, but ARM has been great.

What have been your first impressions of ARM?

Really good. I like that the company works really well together; there’s a lot of cross over and integration among teams. For example, I’ve outsourced roles that are part of the key accounts that I’m working on to other members of the team, roles that they are more specialist in.  

Since joining there has been a lot of management visibility; I’ve had one-to-ones with MDs, the CEO, and even training with the CFO!  It’s great as it gives you visibility of them but it’s clear they want to know what drives you and what is going to make you more successful in your role. I think I took up 45 minutes of (CEO) Mike’s time and he thought he was just going to have a ten minute coffee! He wants to get to know everyone individually, it’s amazing.

One of the first things I was made aware of was the mentoring scheme that ARM run. I have applied to be a mentor and to have a mentor – which can help develop my leadership skills and is good for future progression. ARM’s made lots of really good, positive impressions, including me being recognised!

Describe your average working day

Really varied. This morning, I’ve spent some time developing some of my clients and discussing their current requirements, running through candidates in process and requalifying what they are looking for – this helps with determining what I should prioritise that day or week. I’ll pass on any feedback on clients and roles within the team.

A lot of my roles are quite tricky. This is more of a headhunt process to seek out passive candidates, so it might take me a while to find a gem.  Quite often I will speak to people I’ve spoken to previously to find out if they know anyone.

How did you feel when you won the 3Ps award?

I was thrilled! It’s good to be recognised so early on in my career within ARM and for other people to see across the business. From my perspective there is added satisfaction as a part time working mum – it shows that we can do it!

Rianna works within ARM’s Corporate Services team. If she’s inspired you to join ARM, then take a look at our vacancies.