Employee Spotlight on Richard Kelly

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What did life before ARM look like? 

I worked in Leeds as a Junior Consultant within IT technical recruiting predominantly with SAS and DATA in the banking sector - before joining ARM I moved to the South Coast and worked with a local agency for just over 8 years across Life Sciences and Healthcare having steadily progressed over this time to Operations Director.


When did you join ARM, what was the appeal?

When I left my previous company I was assessing my options whilst having some well needed time out, I wanted to secure a role with a group that would support my passion for the Life Science industry and for a company that had not operated within this industry before. Meeting with the Leaders of ARM I felt that not only did we share the same values but I also felt they supported my vision on what I wanted to achieve in the coming years.

ARM has always been a very entrepreneurial company which supported people of a similar mindset, this was what really drew me to the business.


Talk us through your career at ARM, what promotions and milestones did you reach?

I joined the group as Head of Life Sciences which at the time consisted of one team member, me! My goal was to build from the ground up, focusing on niche specialisms across the Clinical Development industry. We worked very closely on key skill areas where candidate pools are short and client needs are high. We quickly grew the team and have enjoyed some real successes over the past four years. In December 2020 I took on a wider role to manage the Cyber and Technology business areas and following a successful integration into these teams I was very pleased to be promoted in August this year to a Director of ARM.

You achieved a lot of success,  bar your personal drive and ambition – what support from others do you feel is attributed to this?

Autonomy is an essential element to my success not only as a consultant in years gone by but also now as a member of the leadership team. We are all trusted to deliver what is required to deliver the results the company needs . This runs through all teams I work with, allowing for individual accountability is a key element to people owning their own successes.

Tell us about the proudest moment with ARM?

There are so many elements of my time at ARM that I am proud of since my journey started in 2017/18.

My own role has evolved in this time and I take real pride in being able to bring other people on their career journey, in many ways similar to my own start in recruitment. Working with people in a junior level role and seeing them achieve professional goals, earning more than they thought was possible, gaining multiple promotions year on year and the personal goals this helps people achieve really stands out for me.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career? 

It may sound a bit obvious but 2020 was a tough year for many of us. ARM was fantastic at looking after its staff and we all dug deep to ensure the group moved forward in a positive trajectory.  There were many challenges thrown at us all across 2020 and working from home for a solid six months with a four year old and a 12 month old certainly was a testing time despite having a very understanding wife. However as with everything this is now a distant memory and we have had an absolutely fantastic 2021 and 2022 is already shaping up very well.

Tell us about your team and the sector(s) you recruit in?

I have a group of fantastic individuals working with me and combined they cover Life Sciences, Specialist Technology and Cyber Security.


What makes you successful with clients, why do they come to you/ARM with their talent needs?

We truly value the partnership approach to supporting companies to find the right fit for their talent needs. We have always placed a really high importance on this, it has to be a partnership where trust is paramount and the key is in the detail. The depth of knowledge we hold on our clients and why people should want to work for them. Then the quality of the end to end process we provide to  all candidates is really consistent which builds trust with all parties and ultimately means we fill multiple positions on a repeat basis, year on year.


What is different (in your opinion) about ARM, compared to other recruitment agencies you’re aware of?

I have mentioned this already but it really stands out for me, autonomy, authentic accountability and ownership. This drives pride in what people do day in and day out,  it is always the people that make the difference in a recruitment process and I think we have some of the best there are!


What advice would you give those new to recruitment (and those who are plateauing)?

Make every moment in your working day count, you do not need to be working really long hours in the day to get the results you want. If you are ever doing something that does not help you on the path to success, whatever that success looks like, then stop what you are doing and refocus on activity that will deliver the results you want. 


Aspirations/direction for the future?

My aspirations are always to move forward and progress from where we are; The 2022 bar has been set very highly after 2021 so I look forward to the challenge ahead and working with all those alongside me.