An ARM Christmas Carol - jobs of the past, present and future

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It’s getting close to that magical time of year again - there’s excitement in the air, a buzz on the streets and a feeling of anticipation in the hearts of many. That’s right, we’re talking about the New Year Job Hunt.

January - specifically the first Wednesday after New Year’s Day – is traditionally is the busiest time for job seeking. Fuelled by resolutions and good intentions, millions will browse through job listings and update their LinkedIn profile. To get you into the ‘festive’ spirit and inspire you, perhaps, to start your search before everyone else, we’re launching a Dickens-inspired campaign, looking at jobs of the past, the present and yet to come….*insert echo sound effect and dry ice*

Jobs of the past

Your first job might seem like a lifetime ago; something irrelevant you did purely for pocket money. However, without realising it at the time, many of us learned some valuable life lessons while we served customers in Woolworths, did all the photocopying or delivered newspapers. Maybe you discovered a flair for excellent customer service. Perhaps you were inspired by an amazing manager. Or did you simply vow never to work in a burger restaurant again (like me)?  

We've compiled some incredible first job stories - from working in an ice cream shop to becoming a mermaid - in a blog post. What's really interesting is that almost all of our contributors made a career-defining discovery, whether it was using a Mac for the first time or realising that they weren't a people person. Most developed skills that they've used as their career blossomed and all gained essential insight which they've carried with them ever since. It really goes to show that your first job, however mundane it might seem at the time, can have a giant impact on our working lives.

Read Jobs of the past: Your first job stories   

Jobs of the present

Research suggests that the average person will spend 92,120 hours at work in their lifetime. That’s not even including the commute. No wonder taking the plunge and searching for a new job is such a daunting task. You need to make sure it’s absolutely right.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone; you can effectively outsource the whole job hunting process to a recruitment agency. Engaging with a recruiter can significantly help your job prospects and improve the overall job search experience. Don’t believe us? We’re going to share some stories from candidates we’ve worked with, who found the relationship more than beneficial - like David, who made the leap from a perm rail job to consulting.

Still not buying it? Then tell us how you like to be recruited. We’re going to run a survey to find out about how you like to apply for roles and what kind of communication you prefer. So far, people prize job satisfaction over salary - do you agree? See the results so far or take the survey now.

Jobs of the future

If you think 2017 will be the year you change jobs, then let us gaze eerily into our crystal ball and give you some good advice for the coming months. We’ll predict what the job market will look like, which companies to watch, industry trends and expected technological innovation. We’ll ask the experts for their thoughts and guidance. We’ll help you to determine what sort of role best suits you. We’ll offer advice on how to get noticed on LinkedIn. All this combined should help you to make that leap into the future and more easily visualise that job yet to come... *insert echo sound effect again*

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