Key motivators for making a job move

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Deal makers and breakers - The motivators in the world of permanent employment

Salary is always one of the first things on a job advert, but is that really the motivator for making a move when it comes to your job?

This blog looks at some of the obvious and more hidden motivators when it comes to leaving one company and joining another.

We are working in a candidate short market place in the world of Cyber Security which means we are seeing more and more counter offers from existing employers and companies offering more unique and competitive benefits outside of just traditional salary when it comes to securing new talent.

So now, you, as a candidate are starting to re-think your motivations for moving. Yes we all like getting a pay rise but actually is flexible working, your commute and your career progression more important than a £5K pay rise?

Do you know everything about your package?

If you are currently looking for a new job or thinking about having a look round, first of all, take a look at your current contract and understand your full benefits package.

You’re probably well aware of what you hold as valuable when it comes to your current role and package, but the basics might include:

  • Salary, bonus and commissions
  • Holiday allowance
  • Car and travel allowance
  • Pension, healthcare and life assurance
  • Flexible working

However, we can also overlook things you might just take for granted, such as:

  • Onsite free parking / daily commute
  • Onsite facilities
  • Office environment and the people you work with
  • The work itself
  • Recognition
  • Advancement and opportunity for individual and company growth
  • Holiday allowance

Obviously the list above could include some of the motivations of why you are looking to leave, rather than reason to stay.

True motivators – why are you really considering a move?

My point is that we don’t always move jobs for financial reasons. In fact, it’s often about career progression and wanting a role where you can make a difference – and some people are willing to take a pay cut for the right role. This is when the above factors come into play and small benefits can be crucial in your decision whether to accept or decline a job offer.

When you are looking for a new role or recruiting for a new member of your team, think about the total package – what holds value and what is your unique perk? That one unique benefit might make all the difference.

I am not suggesting you offer a ‘Google-esque’ working environment or start negating a clause that says "you will be a director in 12 months or else" but think about why you are even considering a move and what you could potentially offer a new candidate, what makes you different as an employer.

It’s not always just about the cash!

As a job hunter, once you accept a new job offer, your current employer may give you a counter offer – a pay rise to stay with the company. They will usually match the salary of the new job but may offer you substantially more money to stay. So, what do you do when confronted with cold hard cash?

It’s worth considering your motivations for wanting to change jobs in the first place. According to psychologist Fredrick Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory, in addition to salary there are several other factors that may affect your job satisfaction with your current company:

  • Company policies
  • Supervision
  • Working relationships
  • Working conditions
  • Status
  • Security

Stop, look and listen

One or more of these sources of job dissatisfaction may have motivated you to start your job search, so you need to consider whether a pay rise from your current employer will solve these issues for you in the long term. Remember that you spend a lot of time at work, so the work you do and the people you work with are key to job satisfaction.

Time to move on?

If you’d like to hear about new opportunities in information security, and to discuss what would tempt you to consider a new role, contact the ARM Cyber Security team on 02392 228 237 or follow our LinkedIn page for the latest news.