20 February 2019

Flexible working: The Mum-myth!

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Flexible-working. A term long regarded as a luxury afforded only to working-mums, reinforcing ‘traditional’ gender roles. This lack of understanding has contributed to a somewhat confusing definition of the term. A stigma has been attached to what should be seen as a positive aspect of modern working life.

So, what does it really mean?

Gov.uk defines it simply as, “a way of working that suits an employee’s needs.” We actually have a legal right to request it! So why do so many of us still see it as a luxury?

A candidate-centric approach

Here at the Serocor group, flexible-working is actively encouraged. It’s clear the traditional 9-5 working day just doesn’t cut it anymore. Working flexibly allows us to embrace this and use it to our advantage.

Sarah Howard, Head of Marketing, is an ardent supporter of flexible-working for this reason,

“My entire team works flexibly, meaning there is usually someone in from 7.30am to 6.30pm, which is great for approachability and working with colleagues in different time zones. We also found that candidates prefer to be contacted outside of working hours. So it’s more candidate-centric to have a range of people in the office when candidates are available.”

Broaching it with the boss…

Director of People Development, Heather Cracknell, works condensed hours over a 9 day fortnight; “…Although as a member of HR who actively promotes flexible working, it did take me weeks before I had the conversation with my manager. I really overthought every scenario I could and had examples of how it would benefit me as well as the company. It was, in fact, one of the easiest conversations I have had, no examples needed, just a positive “yes”!” This just re-enforces that if you work hard, show commitment and dedication, it is never a hard conversation to have. “It’s great, I know that extra day off benefits me and provides some much needed “me time”.”

Would flexible-working suit your lifestyle? Check out our vacancies to join our flexible, open culture.

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