Recruitment Consultant

Jack Cottan

Recruitment Consultant 02392 228243

About Jack

When did you start at ARM? What did you do before?

Before joining ARM, Jack worked as an employment advisor for the council, whilst finishing his studies in economics. He enjoyed helping people find jobs in his last job and wanted to lean more into that part of the job, so he joined us!

Jack spends his day: As a Commercial Maritime Recruitment Consultant, his day involves connecting with candidates to understand their career goals and matching them with tailored opportunities. He also engages with commercial maritime clients, utilising industry expertise to fulfil their recruitment needs and forge lasting partnerships. From strategic planning to negotiations, Jack strives to ensure successful outcomes for both candidates and clients. Every day is a commitment to establishing meaningful connections.

3 words to describe Jack: Outgoing, compassionate, loyal

In his spare time: Jack is an army reservist, likes to go on long walks with the dog, spends time with family and is an RNLI lifeboat crew member.

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