2 February 2017

It’s their way, or the highway

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Underpinning our approach to recruitment is the building of strong relationships with candidates. And each candidate has their way of approaching the job hunt. 

As recruiters, we want to make sure we’re recruiting in a way that suits each candidate. So we ran a survey. ‘Recruit my way’ was designed to inform us on & to take your preferences into account going forward. This has been condensed into an infographic here.

Here are a few of the key points your responses revealed:

1) It’s not about the money

Unsurprisingly, salary is a key player in prompting you to move on.

However, lack of respect (17.5%) and unrealistic demands (13%) also stood out, particularly for men. Women were more frustrated about lack of progression within the company.

The job hunt, therefore unsurprisingly, is dominated by the desire for job satisfaction. Almost a quarter (24.17%) cited this as the top consideration, compared with just 14% for salary.

2) You need to get social

You’re hunting for a new job. You refresh your CV, trawl the job boards and network on LinkedIn – all usual job searching activities.  

Yet only 7.5% of you share industry-related news via your social media profiles. Just 6% join LinkedIn groups, where you can participate in discussions, learn and make some valuable contacts. And overall,18-24s were the least likely to use social media to enhance their job hunting!

3) Email is twice as popular as phone

When it comes to communication, relevance is key. You told us that you’re happy to be contacted for a job you haven’t applied for, providing it’s relevant (66 per cent). 

  • BUT, this communication needs to take place via email and if we must call, then make it in the evening. When asked to rank your preferred channels, email proved twice as popular as the phone. Contact via LinkedIn is the next acceptable method.   

Improving the candidate experience

As the point of this exercise was to determine how our candidates want to be recruited and what changes we can make our candidate journey, their way, here’s what we’ll do.

We will:

  • Take on board ‘their way’ of being recruited
  • Make clear the benefits of using an agency, through our actions as much as our words
  • Ensure all of our recruiters continue to provide exemplary customer service, giving the feedback and advice that you want.

If you’d like to chat through your options with one of our recruiters, please get in touch

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