4 September 2019

An Inside Look: Cyber Talent Insights

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Almost every day we hear reports of yet another malicious cyber attack, bringing disruption to businesses and people’s lives around the world. Naturally, cyber security is top of most board agendas, yet finding the skills necessary to arm against cyber crime is proving increasingly challenging. In fact, a government report recently found that 54% of businesses have a ‘basic cyber technology skills gap’, while ITPro asks: ‘Has demand for cyber skills hit crisis point?’ We explore this question and more in our Cyber Talent Insights report.

It’s not that the skills aren’t out there. It’s that employers don’t always know where they are and what they want. That’s why it’s so vitally important to have insight into the cyber talent market – so you know how best to attract, engage and hire them, before your competitors do.

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How to find cyber talent – our report

There is good news. The number of cyber candidates has grown year on year, and many of them are open to contract opportunities. What’s more gender diversity in cyber security is starting to move in the right direction, albeit modestly. At the same time, the number of vacancies has also risen exponentially, meaning that it’s absolutely a candidate’s market, emphasising precisely the need for effective attraction strategies.

We’ve produced a Cyber Talent Insights Report, which offers a general overview of the sector. Among many factors, it contains:

  • average salaries by location (combining all sectors and seniority levels)
  • where supply and demand is the highest/lowest
  • which universities your talent might be studying at – so you can build graduate talent pipelines
  • gender splits.

The report also shines a spotlight on penetration testing, SOC& SIEM and IAM specifically. This kind of insight, while an overview, can be used to help make better hiring decisions.

We can create bespoke insight reports which concentrate on your specific cyber subsector or location, to help you attract the best talent. To find out more, get in touch with our marketing team.

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