20 April 2022

Boomeranging: Return of the Steph

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I’m a boomeranger – should you be boomeranging too? Here’s my take…

Hi, I’m Steph and I’m a boomeranger. But before we get into why I boomeranged, and my tips for those of you considering it, I’ll just provide some context…

I’ve worked in Marketing for over 10 years now, six of those years at the Serocor Group  (ARM and Optamor) – helping their business and clients grow via P2P-based marketing. Unfortunately in 2020, like so many others over the course of the pandemic, Serocor had to make some tough choices, one of which was letting me go. .. queue violin solo!

Despite losing my job with a company I knew well and loved, I swiftly found my feet, landing a job as Marketing Director for a boutique marketing agency based in Arundel. The change of scene allowed me to flex my marketing muscles in new ways, and exercise greater creative control heading up a team.

Skip ahead to 2021. I was still enjoying my work, everything was running smoothly. But then Nadia, our wonderful internal recruiter at Serocor Group, slides into my Linkedin DMs. She asks me if I’m up for a chat. It transpires that they want me back.

It’s nice to be wanted! Full transparency, I was intrigued – flattered even– but wasn’t sure whether I really wanted to go back following the redundancy. But, out of respect for Nadia and the company I had called home for 6 whole years, I agreed to talk it through. After hearing all about the changes Serocor had gone through with the MBO (management buy-out),  the shifts in the market with performance numbers increasing to pre-pandemic levels, and the opportunity itself I had to admit–I was curious. 

So after a lot of umming and ahhing, pros and cons lists, and several crises of confidence, I decided to boomerang on back to Serocor. I can honestly say I have not regretted it for a second. I’ve been back for about 6 months now, working as Group Marketing & Communications Manager (try saying that ten times fast) and loving it. So, I’m a boomeranger. But should you boomerang too? 

Should you be a boomeranger?

If your former employer comes knocking.. Should you go back?  The answer is maybe.. Consider the following questions before making your decision on boomeranging:

  1. Why did I leave before?
  2. Is the opportunity right for me?
  3. Is the package worth the upheaval of changing jobs?
  4. How do I feel (in my gut) about the idea of coming back? 

Should you hire a boomeranger?

The truth of the matter is that Boomerangers are great sources of talent. They already know you, you already know them – the whole process is far simpler, and there’s less chance of cold feet. Most importantly relationships are key here. We spend a LOT of our time at work, and the relationships I had built over my time in the Serocor Group was attractive for both Serocor and myself. 

Of course, the reasons for someone having left in the first place must be taken into account. For me, it was a pandemic – for others it may just be to get more experience elsewhere. Someone having worked elsewhere should not automatically be considered a devaluation/defection; it can hold benefits for both parties. Those who leave and come back have often levelled-up in a different way to those who remain. A familiar face paired with a fresh take can therefore often shake things up JUST the right amount. 

Not to mention, boomerangers are great for your reputation. A leaver who returns just goes to show how good your workplace is. 

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