We celebrate our achievements

Here at ARM we are proud to have celebrated a number of wins at various industry awards. We’re not ones to blow our own trumpets, but we think it’s really important that the hard work our team puts in every day is recognised by our peers. In fact, over the last two decades we have received more than 40 awards... and counting! Here's a selection of wins and commendations from recent years.

MARA 2013 2


2013 – MARA Awards Best Recruitment Innovation

Nora 2013 2


2013 – NORA Awards Best Small Employer Website

REC awards 2013 2


2013 – IRP Awards Best Permanent Consultant

REC Winner 2012 2


2012 – IRP Awards Best Newcomer

REC Awards 2012 2


2012 – IRP Awards Perm Consultant of the Year and Temporary Consultant of the Year

Nora 2012 2


2012 – NORA Awards Best Small Employer Website