Success Story

Plugging the Gaps: Cyber Security talent

Our increasing engagement, broadening footprint and relationships with this client have matured over a decade long relationship, establishing us as a trusted and proven supplier of cyber security talent in the form of permanent FTEs and interim associates.

The Place: UK, Germany, Nordics, Benelux, Italy, Spain and USA.

The Solution:

  • Phase 1: Niche cyber security talent supply of both permanent FTEs and interim contractors (either on a time & materials basis, or against a Statement of Work)
  • Phase 2: The design and deployment of a fully managed and on-site talent solution
  • Phase 3: Expansion of the Associate Programme into EMEA and North America.

ARM’s impact:

  • Decade long partnership talent pooling and recruiting hundreds of permanent cyber security professionals globally
  • Successful deployment across multiple client accounts and geographies
  • A high quality, flexible and compliant cyber security talent solution meeting the client’s short and long term resource needs.

Project history:

ARM began in 2006 to supply contract associates on a time and materials basis, allowing the client to meet demand without committing long term to fixed bottom line operational employee costs. The client now had a competitive USP and flexible resource model that provided the sales force with surety when selling the company’s solutions and services.

ARM worked closely with both the sales management team, and professional services business to ensure a more collaborative and joined up approach was deployed to ensure that the latter understood better when there would be spikes in demand for cyber security talent, and engage with ARM to talent pool in advance.

By early 2009 the newly badged ‘Associate Programme’ was 30 strong and ARM was starting to accompany the sales team to client visits as a pseudo extension of their professional services business to help sell talent as part of the solution.

A more mature and cost consistent associate model was designed whereby ARM would package up teams of Associates, under the control of a Project Manager, to deploy a project with key milestones and deliverables. These deliverables were mapped out in a Statement of Work (SOW) and ARM designed a team to deliver this on a fixed price.

Key SOW deployments included:

  • The global encryption on a follow-the-sun project, of c.4,000 laptops to ensure the mobile workforce were not at risk of losing sensitive data whilst travelling remotely
  • The roll-out of an EMEA Active Directory programme of works to a global engineering business.

By 2011 the Associate Programme had over 100 individuals deployed and the need for a more formal and managed service was needed. Over the course of 2011 a fully managed service was designed, and tested; during this period the client was acquired by a global organisation who themselves were acquired by a bigger global organisation.  ARM’s ability to flex the solution to fit with the new structure and demands meant that in late 2011 the agreement was finalised.

ARM managed the successful transition of security personnel into the security consultancy between 2011 and 2012.

The Specifics

As the new Master Vendor provider for the Associate Programme, ARM became responsible for the implementation of new compliant processes and the novation of direct contractors and incumbent suppliers, as well as the transition of the previous incumbents’ contractors across to our new solution. Over three months we novated 60+ agency contractors, re-aligned 40 of our contractors and designed and implemented a new streamlined permanent Preferred Supplier List.

It was essential that the transition did not disrupt the existing Master Vendor’s contractors. This ensured there was a continuity of supply to the customer and also to their client projects. As the departing Master Vendor supplier would not be retaining their contractors, negotiations also took place with regards to the movement of those individuals directly to us.

The migration of all contractors was carried out in conjunction with the rolling out of new processes and procedures. These included the introduction of the eploy® eRecruitment tool and Optamor’s eTimesheet system, to further enhance the service delivery model, standardise engagement and authorisation processes and provide regular comprehensive management information.

Expanding Global Relationship:

As well as maintaining our status as Managed Service provider, in 2015 we were engaged to build out a permanent FTE team of Global Incidence Response professionals across the UK, Benelux, Nordics, Germany, Italy and North America. In 2016 we were invited to become a valued and trusted supplier of both permanent FTE’s and interim contract Associates to North America.

Our increasing engagement, broadening footprint and relationships with this client have matured over a decade long relationship and further establishes us as a trusted and proven supplier of both permanent FTE’s and interim Associates.

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