16 November 2023

Why Choose Project Management?

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A career in project management provides a whole host of exciting opportunities to progress further, take on new challenges, and explore new projects that will allow you to develop new and existing skills.

If you’re driven, passionate, organised and adaptable, the world of project management could be an exciting and rewarding career path.

What skills are needed to progress in project management?

There are a number of different skills that are crucial to being an excellent project manager.

As well as possessing core project management skills, such as excellent time management, planning, communication and problem-solving skills, if you are looking to excel in your career as successful project management, you should also stay up to date with the latest knowledge and skills in your area of expertise, sharpen your managerial skills, and embrace every opportunity to grow and learn.

Also explore the main difference between a delivery manager and a project manager.

5 reasons why project management is important

Project management is incredibly important in a whole host of different sectors, helping businesses to optimise their management processes, improve quality control, achieve strategic alignment and reduce costs.

Here are 5 reasons why project management is important:

1.     An increase in demand

Over recent years, there has been a growing demand for experienced project managers who are ready to accelerate their careers. This is mainly down to projects becoming more and more complex, meaning seamless and effective project management is ever-more vital.

2.     A variety of industries

Projects across all industries require effective management. As a result, one of the benefits of choosing to progress your career within the field of project management is that you will be able to gain experience working with a diverse range of sectors, in a variety of different industries, in the UK and beyond.

3.     Global projects

It’s not uncommon for project managers to decide to progress their career further on a global scale.

After all, businesses in all corners of the world are constantly connecting and engaging with each other, meaning there is always a need for seamless project structures that achieve global results. With this in mind, project management skills are invaluable when it comes to planning and executing projects on a global scale.

4.     Creative thinking

Project management isn’t purely a strategic role, it also requires creative thinking. Creative thinking can help project managers solve problems, generate new ideas, improve processes, and deliver better value to all stakeholders.

5.     Career progression

A career in project management can be incredibly rewarding, providing a wealth of opportunities to progress within industries as diverse as construction, IT, healthcare, engineering, hospitality, e-commerce, tech, finance, and many more. From entry-level roles to senior managers, there is ample room for career progression in this industry.

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