2 March 2016

PSL: Time for a fresh look?

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Same suppliers, same PSL, for yet another year.

On a daily basis, I meet and discuss talent acquisition with Banking & Finance, Regulatory and Technology consultancies (IT and Cyber Security), Government Sector Bodies and Software Houses.

Too often they tell me the same thing – “I have a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) but they are not delivering the talent we are looking for.” How can this be allowed to happen? How can a PSL prevent a business meeting its objectives? A PSL is meant to enable, not disable!

Why do companies put together PSL’s?

Because they take recruitment seriously, because they have some volume, and because if they don’t it can become ungainly with lots of pricing and back office challenges.

A PSL review is no easy task. The amount of work that an organisation has to go through just to change the PSL is HUGE. Taking a Banking and Finance, Government Sector or consultancy through a review involves LOTS of meetings, PQQ’s, RFI’s, RFP’s, presentations, processes, contract negotiations, legal, compliance, financial and reference checks. Almost every department is involved. If you added everyone’s involvement across all of the departments on pro rata salary rate and the resulting number would probably make the CFO sick.

A lot of PSL’s get stale very quickly. How much easier would it be just to extend the existing list?

Time for a PSL review?

So what is the answer to reviewing them at no cost to the organisation? Pricing is always going to be at the heart of a PSL which often means a volume player will win on process, coverage and lower price. But at what cost? The cost is in an increasingly complex and multi-faceted world of technology the volume generalist players cannot find the right talent.

Why not challenge them against the ARM IT contract team?

What’s the cost?

Well, if they are successful?  I will match the current supplier’s rate for the first opportunity. So there is no cost, just a better service to prove my point.

What’s the risk of challenging your current supplier at no cost? Zero. Get in touch for something better, quicker…and at no extra cost.

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