8 April 2019

Girlboss: Female Leadership at ARM

Serocor Group

Since today is International Women’s Day, we figured we’d use it properly. Let’s celebrate the impact female leadership makes to our business.

Whilst we could tell you ourselves just why and how female leadership is so important to the Serocor Group, here are a handful of our most inspiring female leaders.

Heather Cracknell – Chief People Officer

I often look back on my career with pride, excitement and frustration. But overall I have enjoyed my journey. Having grown up on a council estate with divorced parents, I knew I wanted to prove myself. Whilst I never did that well at school and got married at 20, I never let that stop me.

I have always worked in male-dominated environments. This unfortunately meant I had some challenges. But I also like to think it has made me the person I am today.  I made sure that I didn’t acquiesce just to fit the work environment.

It’s important in your career to learn from other people. Being inspired by others will help you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. As I have progressed through my career I have taken great pride in supporting other women in their career. I truly enjoy watching others grow. The best piece of advice I could give to women reading this? Be true to yourself.

Claire Proudlove – Director of Client Programme Services

I’ve worked for Optamor for almost ten years now, and the talent market itself for over 20. What has been encouraging is that the balance of personnel and the roles that they hold in the talent sector has evolved. We are seeing more women in senior roles. But more generally there’s been an increase in what has generally been a male-dominated industry.

I am proud to work for an organisation that supports and encourages diversity.  Our forward-thinking policies mean that we can attract and retain talent irrespective of gender.

Zoe Howgill – Operations Director, Optamor

Sometimes I have to pause and think about what I have achieved in my professional career. I’m very proud to be a female Director for Optamor. Actually I have a little inward smile each time I introduce myself. If only my school teachers could see me now!

I was the disruptive individual who never took my academic studies seriously. Later in life I discovered that I wasn’t actually stupid, just dyslexic. This doesn’t just mean that you can’t spell. Other symptoms include having a low attention span because your brain works too fast, what a skill hey!?

Being true to myself, my values and treating people empathetically allows me to inspire my team. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. And I love being at the forefront of Optamor, empowering my teams, driving our business forward and delivering great service to our customers. I get a real buzz when our team members deliver a great piece of business and share that success! That is what keeps me motivated.

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