2 August 2023

Equity and Equality: What’s the Difference?

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We hear a lot of talk about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), but the focus is shifting from Equality to Equity. But what is the difference?

What are Equality and Equity?

Equality and equity are words that are ‘thrown around’ a lot, especially in the business world. But what do they mean? Equality means everyone gets the same opportunity or resources. Equity means people are given the resources they need to be able to achieve the same things as others as it recognises that everyone has different needs and circumstances in life.

Why is this a topic of conversation?

A lot of businesses are still adopting the view of equality, in which they believe everybody should have the same resources to do their jobs, however, this unfortunately means that so many people are left out of opportunities that would fit their abilities IF they had the support they needed.

Equity is providing your employees with the resources that help them to achieve their goals at work, whatever they may be. (Examples could include; adjusting a work schedule, allowing hybrid working, providing a quiet space or a different chair to ensure your employees are comfortable whilst at work).

Why is it important to get this right?

As an employer, it is vital to get the balance of equity or equality right. A supported employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee will be the one you get the most out of!

So… How can equity be achieved in your business?

  • Ask your staff what they need to be the best version of themselves at work
  • Listen carefully and take note of their answers
  • Apply the things to your business that will help them
  • Wait for the flurry of compliments and staff happiness to go through the roof!

When should equality take the lead?

When talking about the pay gap, equality should always be the goal in mind. With women still earning significantly less than men for the same job. “The gender pay gap has been declining slowly over time; over the last decade it has fallen by approximately a quarter among full-time employees” (Office of National Statistics) yet it still sits at 12.5% in the South East of England alone!

By implementing policies and practices that prioritise both equality and equity, you can ensure that every employee has access to the same opportunities for success, regardless of their background or circumstances. This requires an ongoing commitment to EDI within your business, as well as a willingness to adapt and evolve as your workforce changes. Ultimately, by striving for both equality and equity, you can create a workplace where everyone feels valued, heard and supported in their pursuit of professional growth and advancement.

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