Why ARM?

It's why you are different

Well, this is the part where we tell you why we’re different. At least, that’s what every other recruitment website will do. And we’re sure that you’ve heard it all a thousand times before.

But we don’t want to tell you why we are different. Instead, we want to talk about why you are different. Every sector is different. Every business is different. Teams are different. Projects are different. Everyone is different!

Additionally, we understand that everyone strives for progression. Businesses are searching for growth in their markets; individuals want to do well in their personal and professional lives.

It’s this appreciation of difference and your specific needs that we bring to everything we do and every relationship we build here at ARM - whether you’re a client, candidate or a new member of our team. We always begin by asking ourselves how we can help you achieve your goals before we get to work.

Difference at every level

We’ve built teams of subject matter experts with the ability to build lasting and meaningful recruitment relationships based around you. When you work with us, you will notice that we apply this to our approach at three levels:

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Recruitment experts

We provide good recruitment that delivers results

We live and breathe recruitment and think we are really good at it. We stay on top of recruitment best practice and combine this with pioneering sourcing techniques to deliver consistently great experiences for everyone. Whether you're looking for your next exciting career opportunity, or you’re searching for exceptional talent to take your business to the next level, we have developed a level of service that is efficient and puts your needs first.

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Market knowledge

We understand your market better than you would expect  

For 20 years we’ve worked specifically in the technology and engineering space. That means that we’re skilled at intelligently discussing the opportunities, technologies and realities of your market. We are experts in uncovering talent and placing people in front of the right opportunities, find out more about this

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Strong relationships

We get to know you in a meaningful way 

Our experience means we know what we’re talking about when it comes to your specialist area. But we also ask you the right questions about you and your needs, and we listen when you answer. That means we avoid ‘square peg and round hole’ scenarios. Your time is precious and we won’t waste it.

We love what we do and nothing is more important to us, but it all boils down to you. It’s all about landing you your ideal job with as little stress as possible, or finding the best possible person to meet your business needs without taking up too much of your time. We strive to deliver a recruitment experience that will change the way you think about recruitment firms.