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Keeping a career in the rail industry on the right track

Carl is clear on the benefits he has enjoyed as a rail contractor working through ARM: “There is a real effort to match the right people with the right skills to the right role, which isn’t something that is always evident with other recruiters.” ARM found Carl a role as a E&P CRE with railway specialist Signalling Solutions. Working on the Bristol Area Signalling Renewal & Enhancement (BASRE) project. Carl explains how ARM has worked closely with him to further his career in the rail industry.

“BASRE is one of the largest re-signalling rail projects of its type in the UK. It’s a vital part of the transport network, so it is a big responsibility. But also a great opportunity to make a real difference.”

Carl Fairclough, Principal Electrical Design Engineer at Signalling Solutions

How did you first come to work with ARM?

My background is as an Electrical Engineer. With experience in multiple industries however for the last 10 years specialising predominantly in Rail. I was looking for a new challenge so I contacted ARM to ascertain what opportunities they had or could best suit me with.

They worked tirelessly on my behalf to find a role that was right for me. Equally for a role that needed my exact skill-set and experience. The opportunity to join Signalling Solutions as E&P Design CRE was great timing for myself. This provided an opportunity to take on a key role in such an important project and matched my 650V Signalling Power experience perfectly.

What excites you about a career in the rail industry?

BASRE is one of the biggest re-signalling projects of its type in the UK. It’s a vital part of the transport network, it’s a big responsibility, but also a great opportunity to make a real difference. We have now delivered Stage 2 and I am proud to say the feedback has been very good. We are now focusing on Stages 3 & 4.

The railways sector in general is an interesting and rewarding one to work in. I am a Draughtsman and Design Engineer by trade and it offers great opportunities to use my skills to their fullest extent. There are a lot of changes and improvements going on throughout the UK rail network at the moment. It’s a fast-moving industry and my current role gives me the opportunity to be on site, to work with different disciplines involved in the project and generally to have a lot of variety in my day-to-day activities. I have also had the benefit to provide input into the Network Rail Standards and Railway developments. I.e. trialing new technologies such as the DITA to incorporate Legacy Signalling equipment into new Class II arrangements.

What has been your overall experience of ARM?

I can sum up my experience of working with ARM in one word, ‘excellent’! I regularly speak to my recruitment consultant, we have a very good working relationship and he always gives me useful feedback.

ARM also provide sponsorship for my assignment. This assists me greatly in maintaining my PTS by providing the PPE required on site and organising my medical arrangements.

ARM is excellent at matching the right candidate to the right role. It is a real skill and they are highly adept at doing so. This really stands out in the recruitment industry and gives everyone concerned much greater peace of mind.

I would thoroughly recommend ARM to those looking for new roles and challenges, and to organisations looking for the right people and skill sets.

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