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Build a Cyber Security team – in just 3 months

Leading enterprise security services provider and a top tier 1 remediation vendor challenges ARM to build a cyber security team from scratch

Client Requirements: Build a cyber security team:

When a leading threat forensics vendor and global cyber security consultancy forged a partnership for a new global initiative, it turned to the ARM Cyber Security team to meet its urgent global recruitment needs, build a cyber security team – from scratch, within 3 months. Their specific requirements were as follows;

  • Global recruitment for a new service offering on the back of a exclusive two-year partnership between a leading threat forensics vendor and global cyber security consultancy over a 3 month period
  • Recruitment across eight countries with sensitivity to culture and specific needs in each country

The Place: UK, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, USA and UAE

Our Solution:

  1. Identifying and engaging with the right pools of talent – through the comprehensive use of Market Mapping and Persona Mapping techniques
  2. Capturing the interest of niche and high-demand talent by positioning the opportunity and Employee Value Proposition to candidates and by managing expectations
  3. Identifying 400 target candidates, scheduling interviews with circa 200 and offering associated on-boarding to 20 successful individuals

Project history:

The exclusive two-year partnership created opportunities to provide additional services and products for both parties. This included bringing together the clients and investigation capability of the cyber security consultancy with the expert incident handling & threat forensics capabilities of the vendor.

There was only one issue: the cyber security consultancy had a shortfall of specialist talent for its internationally operating team and needed to remedy this within three months before the first budgets were agreed. We were asked to rise to the challenge and run a talent recruitment campaign across UK, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, USA and UAE. So we put together specialist teams to target these key geographical areas, working follow-the-sun shifts in order to speak with the identified talent at a time convenient to them.

How we helped build a cyber security team:

The ARM Cyber Security team conducted a number of qualification calls with the in-country practice leads using a standard template of questions. We were sensitive to the fact that each country has its own culture, specific needs (predominant client sectors, security clearance needs etc.) and approaches for the talent qualification, along with different back office processes. Following in-depth briefings, the team created a ‘Job Pack’ which included defined Employee Value Propositions (EVP) and service offerings from the partnership.

Our team for the project was divided up according to the three geographies (Europe, USA and UAE) and where needed working hours were adjusted to meet local needs. Protecting our other clients’ interests was also critical, so we stringently managed the workload and included seconding in additional researchers from other businesses. This ensured that we were able to meet all our obligations.

The Specifics:

The team concentrated on positioning the opportunity, articulating the EVP, qualifying against in-country specific demands and managing expectations to capture the interest of this niche and high-demand (often scarce) talent.

We started with a thorough and comprehensive Market Mapping and Persona Mapping exercise to ensure the right talent pools were created for these demanding yet highly rewarding positions. This was important as the requirements of the roles could be demanding, such as having to be ready to travel to a client at very short notice. However, from a candidate’s point-of-view the hugely significant benefits outweighed this as the team emphasised the EVP to the candidates which included the chance to join the team of a world-leading cyber security consultancy, working with undisputed bleeding-edge technology and a vast blue chip, Dow Jones 30, S&P 500 client list to up-sell to.

400 candidates, 200 interviews, 20 roles offered.

Our team engaged with 400 candidates, interviewed 200 and offered roles to 20. Having fully delivered the best possible candidates within a stringent timescale and on-boarded them with the partnership, the next step will be to deliver Remediation Consultants. These are the experts that take the investigation reports and put the fixes in place to mitigate against future risks and losses. This represents a vital component for the partnership’s ongoing success.

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