Does the STEM skill shortage really exist?


There has been a ready acceptance of the statement that there is a shortage of skilled candidates from STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths] backgrounds, but very little understanding as to why. 

As a company, ARM felt duty bound to investigate the root cause of this, and the results might surprise you. True ‘game changers’ don’t come along often, but the results of a survey of 900 people in STEM industries are quickly debunking this myth and has been developed into a Whitepaper for you to download.

We wanted to better understand how both applicants and recruiters approach the recruitment process and found significant mismatches between hiring company perceptions and job seeking reality. The results of this extensive piece of research have delivered an alternative view and one that could be the difference between attracting the best talent into a business and continuing to struggle to find and attract suitable candidates.

To understand what is going on, we conducted an in-depth 4 month long research programme amongst STEM skilled workers and companies. We gave them both an equal voice instead of reporting it only from one perspective. The research indicated what companies think candidates top priorities are:

1st A competitive benefits package

2nd Clear career enhancement

3rd Interesting projects to develop skills and enhance their CV

But what did the candidates really hold as priorities?  Is it vastly different? Could the answers help solve this resourcing dilemma?

The skill shortage might just be a convenient myth for employers, when in fact they don’t understand what job seekers really want. Employers have to ask themselves why candidates prefer to work with start-ups and innovative firms outside of the core STEM sectors.

The Whitepaper highlights our findings and suggests ways you can attract the best candidates for any roles in STEM, download it by clicking hereThe content and results may surprise you!