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When businesses find themselves the victims of a breach (such as Sony Playstation, Ashley Madison, Target, Talk Talk and many more) they know they could be in the headlines, with news breaking on mainstream news channels on a daily basis.  Our clients conduct incident response investigations across all industries, organisation sizes and technical environments, and here at ARM Cyber Security we support them by finding the right talent.

The areas we work in

Investigating and resolving computer security events ranges from single-system compromises to enterprise-wide intrusions by advanced attack groups that span hundreds of thousands of systems. This is only going to experience increased demand and the skills gap is widening.  Our talent network fills this gap as it consists of highly experienced specialists including analysts, incident investigators, and assessment professionals in the areas of remediation and readiness, compromise and vulnerability.

The people we work with

We have a proven track record of sourcing talent within the full lifecycle, from vendors that design and create the solutions, to system integrators and consultancies that implement it, and end users that are fearful of a cyber incident and data breach.

Our talent pool includes:

  • Investigators
  • Data farmers
  • Data analysts
  • Incident response, remediation and forensic consultants
  • Computer incident response teams

Nowadays, more than ever, businesses and consumers need and expect reliable, mobile and secure data. Our Cyber Security team helps with meeting the market's increasing expectations and standards, with access to the best talent in the market. We welcome the challenge of finding you that niche talent, or supporting your career goals and aspirations.

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