22 January 2016

What to expect when employees are expecting

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In the workplace for the first time, four generations can be found working side-by-side. And they all expect different things from the companies they work for.
The newest generations are global, social, & technological, arguably the most connected individuals ever. How can employers understand and engage with these younger workers as they continue to enter the workforce? What can we expect them to expect?

Understand yourself

An Employee Value Proposition is not just about bringing new people in. In fact, it’s more about keeping the people you have, in our opinion. By figuring out what distinguishes your company from its competitors, what your culture is, what makes your employees tick, what drives growth and innovation, you’re already halfway there. Everything else feeds into this, but pinning down a couple of key qualities and honing them, you’ll massively improve your workplace.

No more ‘bring your dog to work’ days!

Okay, you can still have them, but that can’t be your entire ‘Benefit’ plan. It’s not enough to give employees the day off for their birthday any more, you need to do MORE.

Employees want real benefits, real demonstrations that their company values them as individuals, not just more cogs in a machine. Get a handle on what makes your benefits package more compelling, what will make you stand out as a good employer. (You may need an overhaul!) People are driving for better work-life balance, so speak to this, but also remember the next point…

Ask them!

Speak to your employees! Hold focus groups, anonymous suggestion boxes, whatever floats your boat. But address the things your own employees want, instead of a generic response or guesswork. It’s really not hard, we promise. And when you’ve aligned your working structure, your EVP, your benefits to the people actually working for you, you’ll reap the benefits across your entire business.

For more on how to develop, implement or improve your EVP, check out our sister company’s blog series on the topic right here.

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