15 May 2019

How to: Develop tomorrow’s STEM talent

Sector Insights

The STEM talent gap already costs the UK an estimated £1.5bn per year.

STEM Learning report the existing shortfall in STEM talent as about 173,000. This equates to ten vacant roles per business. Accordingly, 89% of businesses cannot acquire the necessary talent. All this, as EDF Energy predicts that STEM jobs will increase at twice the rate of other sectors.

So what’s driving the gap? First, low awareness of the diverse jobs available. Secondly, the perception of these jobs. And thirdly a lack of meaningful work experience opportunities. We can fix this.

How to develop your STEM pipeline

Our whitepaper, written with contributions from Semta, adi Group, Air Products and GetMyFirstJob, talks about the steps you can take to develop a future talent pipeline, avoid ‘leaks’ and ultimately, mitigate the effects of the STEM skills gap.

To discuss any of the themes mentioned in our blog or to find out how ARM can help your business, please get in touch with our specialist STEM team at hello@arm.co.uk

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