ARM in Numbers

It's the difference we make to people’s lives every day

We are proud of what we have achieved over the years. Okay there are many recruitment firms that are bigger than us (49 of them in the UK in fact) with the stats to prove it, but as a growing business with humble beginnings, we have a lot to be proud of. We reflect regularly on the positive impact we have on people's lives every day, whether candidates, clients, employees or our wider community. View this page as a slide show.

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We helped 13,500+ people to find a new opportunity

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We helped 5,250+ hiring managers to find talent

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We found jobs for people with 1,600+ employers

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Every day we have 24 new opportunities to fill

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Every 19 mins someone attends an interview arranged by ARM

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Every 1.7 hours someone gets the news "you've got the job" from ARM

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8/10 contractors find ongoing work with ARM

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Our longest standing clients have been with us since 1996

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Our clients have worked with ARM on average for 8 years

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95% of our managers have been with the business 2+ years, 77% for 5+ years

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Our senior management team has on average 17 years' industry experience


We have been recognised in 40+ awards in the last 10 years