Success Story

Simply the best: R&D specialists for Elekta

A very successful and fruitful working relationship.

The Place: UK

The Requirements:

  • Fresh research and development (R&D) talent to sustain business growth
  • Required contract and permanent positions

The Solution:

  • Recruitment of 120 contractors and 35 permanent staff to fill mission-critical roles
  • Dedicated Account Manager and always-available point of contact
  • Real-time candidate market intelligence

Project history:

ARM supported Elekta at a crucial time for the company. The business was developing fast and the need for new, fresh research and development (R&D) talent was acute. We met all the challenges promptly and found the best recruitment resources. This success means we have developed a long lasting relationship of trust which has been maintained ever since.

How we help Elekta:

The initial challenge was to supply highly skilled R&D contract staff. However, as a result of early successes and a proven capability to source difficult-to-fill requirements quickly, we were also tasked with sourcing a number of project-critical permanent requirements.

ARM continues to save Elekta time and money through the quick and efficient supply of skilled professionals. We have evaluated, qualified and placed a significant number of high quality candidates with the right skills, in the right locations and within the defined timescales.

Elekta has also benefited from our experience in managing UK-wide candidate attraction campaigns and the design and implementation of a bespoke client microsite. Since 2012, Elekta has demonstrated its satisfaction by spending around £5m with ARM, and in 2015 we won re-selection to a re-engineered Preferred Supplier List.

The Specifics:

By working directly with Elekta’s hiring managers we have been able to gain an in-depth insight into the company’s corporate goals and expectations. We have provided a dedicated Account Manager and as part of this commitment ARM provides real-time candidate market intelligence to enable the company to understand and attract the talent it needs.

Elekta’s levels of business growth has remained impressively high and we have supplied a large number of professionals (currently 120 contractors and 35 permanent staff) across a wide range of scientific, mechanical and design systems roles.

By working closely in partnership with Elekta we have developed a very successful and fruitful working relationship. The ARM team consistently sources and supplies the company with the highly skilled medical/scientific-based professionals required which is critical to the business and its ambitious growth plans.

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