ARM’s evolution: always change a winning team.

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It’s easy to adopt a more of the same approach, retaining the team that delivers the greatest success. It seems like a no-brainer; if the business is doing well, then why change a winning team? That would be the easy option, but also the one which would bring success for a limited period.

Inevitably the market will change; there will be more automation around mundane tasks, creating a more efficient workforce. You only have to open a publication to see the radical technology transformations disrupting the workplace, and these won’t cease.

Future-proofing our success

Changing what already works is about planning for the future – one in which markets and job functions are ever-evolving. As nostalgic as it would be to keep the England football team of ’66 or the rugby squad of ’03, we’d fail if we continued to use the same formula.

Over the past few months I immersed myself in our ARM brand to make the necessary changes and upgrades. We have a great foundation at ARM. We’re thriving in our sectors, we have a solid 20 year reputation, and we have a strong business; but now is not the time to sit back and reap the rewards. It’s time for the next leap.

This isn’t about creating a business that’s successful now, it’s about being flexible, agile and resilient. This forward-planning begins with the people, and the delivery teams who dedicate their working lives to continuous improvement.

Top-down and bottom-up

Innovation and experimentation starts from a grassroots level in a business, but leadership comes from the top, making sure everyone has what they need to be successful. Great leadership is about setting the direction of travel and the framework in which to innovate. Our new structure is about making sure that we empower our staff, set them on the right course and support them to achieve their goals.

As a result we changed-up our teams, bringing in valuable expertise from other areas of the business. We moved away from the traditional separation of specialist markets and corporate services. Instead, the business will focus on its industry divisions: Advanced Technology (cyber, fintech) and IT and Engineering.The appointment of Simon Vaughan-Edwards as Managing Director of the newly-created Advanced Technology division brings fresh eyes to the company. Simon is a highly-experienced executive recruiter, heading up high-end agency Hawker Chase - also part of the Serocor family - and as an ex-officer in the armed forces, Simon is well-equipped to operate in a changing environment.

Leon Howgill, a much-respected member of the ARM team, is promoted to Managing Director, focusing on the IT and Engineering division of the business. Leon’s an inspirational leader and the ideal person to steer his division through market transformation, having been with the business for 16 years.

These changes at the top are supplemented by better analytical technology and a bolstered marketing function to support consultants with sourcing the best candidates, and bringing more of our audience to the website.

Inspire to grow

These enhancements within the leadership of the business will help inspire our people, giving them the tools they need to succeed, and galvanize ARM’s reputation. We are using data analytics to predict performance, combining these with advanced technologies to increase our effectiveness. This allows us to focus on what’s important - building valuable relationships and placing quality candidates. Our message ‘making successful people’ applies internally – by pushing forwards and not simply sticking to what has always worked, we create a long-term, growing ARM.