Featured Employer: Roke

Roke is a leading UK innovator in science and engineering. For over 60 years Roke has been improving the world through innovation by combining the physical and digital in new ways. Our journey began in defence but as the decades have rolled on, we're also inventing and engineering technically advanced data and communication systems in national security and for Fortune 500 companies.

Explore Roke's Job Vacancies: Principal Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Principal Software Engineer, Processing / Computer Vision Developer.

From innovations in computer vision powering the autonomous landing of a drone at sea, to an artificial intelligence inspection system that drastically reduces aircraft turnaround times by autonomously inspecting jet turbines. Right through to the technology behind Hawk-Eye tracking the trajectory of balls in sport. It all began at Roke.

Roke people are curious and unashamedly technical. That’s why we’ve fostered an environment where some of the world’s finest minds have the time, trust and freedom to succeed. Our team of 600+ engineers are uniquely placed to use their deep knowledge of sensors, communications, cyber and AI to combine and apply these technologies to keep people safe whilst unlocking value.

Working closely with their customers Roke solve real world technical challenges and help deliver critical missions. As a trusted partner, Roke welcomes any problem confident that our consulting, research, innovation and product development will help them revolutionise and improve their world.

Roke are proud to be part of the Chemring Group plc, providing them with complementary expertise, corporate strength and access to international markets for our world-leading intellectual property.


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