Reasons to work with a recruiter and the things every company needs to know when they do

Working with a recruiter is without doubt the fastest and most cost-efficient way to bring the talent you need in to your organisation.

Deciding to use a recruitment professional for the first time can seem like daunting prospect but fear not! Speak to those who have found the right recruiter and they will tell you that they never looked back. Here are some useful insights to help you to make the right decision for your business.

Save money and effort

 It is often said that a good accountant pays for himself and the same is true of a great recruiter. There is of course a cost but it is out in the open, whereas managing the process internally can hide the extent of the costs being incurred.

Think about the time it takes to write the job description (especially if it isn’t something you do every day), finding and paying for all those job board postings, reviewing CVs, designing, arranging and running interviews (hoping you get it right) and handling the negotiation process. It can be a real drain and if you don’t have a dedicated in-house resource it can be an unwanted distraction for those involved.  There is a reason so much in business (and in life) is outsourced, it saves time, money and hassle.

Recruit in weeks not months

How long did it take for you to fill your last vacancy? It is not uncommon to spend three to six months trying to find the right person when flying solo. During this time your team could be overstretched and under-pressure, impacting its ability to deliver a project on time, or meet client demands. You may even miss out on new business opportunities.

In our experience the typical timeframe, from briefing a recruiter to signing the employment contract, takes from three to six weeks (even for the most specialist requirements). So, if you need to replace a position, upscale a team, or source a specific skillset for a fixed-term project, then the commercial, competitive and financial advantages of working in partnership with a specialist recruiter should not be underestimated.

Get a head start on the competition

In sectors such as IT and engineering there is a skills shortage in UK and wider Europe, making it harder to locate and attract specialist talent. By working with a specialist recruiter that knows your market inside and out, you will get access to their ‘little black book’ of contacts, as well as the benefit of their experience as to what the market is doing.  This market intel and feedback from a trusted and specialist recruiter can be invaluable, how else can you get a voice on the ground listening and understanding what your competition is doing.  Establish that trusted relationship with a recruitment partner and you have yourself a market voyeur!

How to get the very best from your recruiter

There is undoubtedly a wealth of knowledge and expertise that a specialist recruiter can bring to your organisation but it is a symbiotic relationship. Here are some things that you can do that will really help them to deliver the very best job for you.

Choose a specialist recruiter

If you are looking for candidates with a specific skill set or level of on-the-job expertise, then it makes sense to engage with a recruiter that specialises in that particular field. One of the challenges in-house recruiters often face is that they must be a ‘Jack of all trades’, one moment sourcing a new Office Manager the next a Senior Java Developer.

Create a preferred supplier list of specialist recruiters you can trust and call upon to find the talent you need, when you need it.

Provide a comprehensive briefing

A good recruiter will want to invest time getting to know your exact requirements for the positions to be filled, and they are highly proficient at taking a comprehensive brief. You can help by being open with them, unafraid to share confidential information that will help them to deliver for you. To this end most professional recruiters will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Again, ‘trust’ is key to any relationship and this is no different when working with a recruiter.

Be clear on absolute must-have requirements

We are not just talking about qualifications and accreditations but what is the minimum skill level you require, what on-the-job experience is essential to the role – what can you absolutely not do without? Crucially, what type of person are you looking for? Can you articulate the company culture? If you are an SMB, can you take someone from a large corporate organisation who is used to having infrastructure and support, or do you need someone who is able to turn their hand to non-core tasks in order to get the job done?

‘Sell’ your company to get the best talent

There is a war for talent being waged and the talent is starting to win. You need to be aware that the people you are looking for are likely to be in short-supply and in demand by your competitors who are considering multiple opportunities. With this in mind you need to be able to ‘sell’ your company to a prospective candidate, so the more you can do to make your recruiter a powerful brand ambassador the better they will perform for you.  Gone are the days when an assessment or interview process is all about asking them why they should come and work for you.  It needs to be a two-way process with both sides qualifying and selling each other for mutual gain.

A great tip is to invite the recruiter to visit you and immerse them in your company culture. Show them why you think it is a great place to work, let them experience it and enthuse them. That energy will be conveyed when they are speaking to prospective candidates.

Share your Employee Value Proposition

This is often called the EVP and put simply it refers to what you will give to a candidate in return for them sharing a part of their career with you.  Remuneration, bonuses, incentives and holiday entitlement are of course very important. However, also consider the types of training, learning and development opportunities that will be open to them, the project and clients they may be exposed to, as well as the working environment and culture of the company.

What our clients say about us…

 “ARM has made our lives easier. What were some particularly difficult positions to fill they came in, took the time to understand our business and delivered on their promise.” Paul Sayer, Operations Director at Intertek

“The interview versus offer rate of staff forwarded by ARM has been almost 90%. This indicates to me that they do much of the groundwork in terms of understanding individual’s competency and skills, and only puts forward staff that they know will fit into our team - this both saves me and my team valuable time in interviews.” Paul Waby, Design Engineering Manager Radlett & York at Signalling Solutions Limited