#CC300 day (two) round-up

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Slightly earlier to bed tonight, we have just finished dinner. The team got in at 8.30pm to the hotel, it's been a very long day in the saddle.

The team made good time this morning, the faster team, named Team Hare, made it to the first stop point in good time. The second team, named Team Tortoise, made it to the stop a bit later due to Simon Lawton needing to be picked up by a support car as his chain had broken. After a purchase of a new chain and Andrew MacDonald working his magic, the chain was fixed and the team were back on their way. At this point Lauren decided to jump in the support car, she had felt very poorly that morning, maybe a spot of sun stroke or too many gels.

Both teams stormed ahead to the second stop in Abingdon, after being watered and fed (with a slight cross over in timings) the teams were headed for Kingsclere - which is where things went wrong. Both teams got so very lost and their road bikes had to turn into mountain bikes. The support vehicle helped out and tried to put the teams back on route - this is the point that things get a little blurry, the live track stopped and both teams were taking totally different routes.

We got the teams together in Upper Bucklebury at about 6pm and picked up RBK as his knee was too sore to continue. The team rode on and arrived at the hotel at 8.30pm one after the other.

It's been another eventful day of getting lost, off-roading, personal bests and going up mammoth hills. 


  • Team Tortoise finishing at the same time as Team Hare (slow and steady following the sat nav seems to work best).
  • Realising a road bike is not made for off-road cycling!
  • Mike peddling up White Hill - Alan described this hill as a wall.
  • RBK deciding to give up for the day, this gave the others a peaceful ride after his departure.
  • Seeing Andrew V throw all his toys out of the pram.
  • Seeing Mike, Tom, Simon and RBK all fall off in the space of 100 metres.
  • Being flagged down by a member of the public to be told that we are the most considerate cyclists he had ever met (Team Tortoise).


  • Pesticide in the face whilst going past the power station near Abingdon.
  • Being dumped in the middle of nowhere by the support vehicle, as they couldn't help any further with directions!
  • Cycling five miles on the A34 next to Arctic lorries.
  • Being off-road on our road bikes.
  • Waitrose running out of toilet roll.
  • The power station, it never seemed to go from view.
  • Getting lost and making only five miles progress in two hours.

How they feel about today

Tired, sore, bruised, pillow calling me, over tired.

How they feel about tomorrow

Good, petrified, excited, going to tell my parents to get to LTP for 8pm!