Our employees are not just a number- they are our future!!

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ARM started the year with a recruitment drive for talent to support expansion under the direction of new leadership.

ARM has always fostered long-lasting rewarding careers for all employees. Through structured training and a practical learning environment, career acceleration and leadership development is firmly embedded - recently awarded the IRP Best People Development Award. Additionally, flexible working options ensure that staff continue to work with the business as their lives change, such as starting a family or having other caring responsibilities. 

This series has been produced to demonstrate the benefits of working for ARM and the Serocor Group. ARM is passionate about looking after their employees and the series will demonstrate how, as a business, we support our employees through changes in their career, personal development and family life outside of the business. 

The first chapter of the series will be looking at mums within the work place, both expecting and those returning to work. We will be asking them how they felt before telling the company, the support received during the pregnancy, whilst on maternity leave and retuning to work. Over the past year the people development team (HR, internal recruitment, L&D) have put together new policies and mechanisms to support mums and enable a smooth transition from maternity leave back into the working environment. 

The second chapter looks at employee development within the business, as we believe our current employees are the management of the future. Within this chapter we will cover our recently launched Managers Toolkit training programme. 

Following on from these chapters we will be looking at the volunteering/ charity opportunities the company offers through the Embrace initiative, apprenticeships and the involvement with the new trailblazers due to be released next year. That’s not all, we have more chapters coming your way so keep an eye out on the website and our social media channels. 

Keep an eye out for the first chapter coming soon! 

If you’re looking for a change in career or would like to be part of our company, then why not have a look at our live vacancies.