New Mums? We've got your bump and baby covered

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New Mums? We've got your bump and baby covered...On returning to work

Heather Cracknell, Head of People Development implemented the Mums’ Network including a number of policies and procedures to ensure mums to be and new mums are supported in the best way possible both before and after the birth of their child.

We will be featuring new mums returning to work and how they have found the experience. We have also asked them to comment on the provisions currently in place for new mums and whether or not these could be improved. Our second interview is with Amy who works for ARM who returned to work in July of this year.

How long have you been back at work and how have you found it?

I returned to work on the 16th July working part time on Thursdays and Fridays.  I have to admit the first week back was like an out of body experience having taken 12 months off to have my second child! It was a bit of a shock to the system, and it has been tiring, but a mental tiredness rather than a physical one.   Everyone has made me feel very welcome and part of the team, by the second week, I felt like I hadn’t been away. 

How did you feel about coming back to work?

I was nervous about returning to work. Worried about how the department may have changed, how I would fit back into the team, (new team members, new ways of working etc.), worried about how quickly I would get back into the swing of things. Some guilt for leaving my boys in childcare/nursery.

How has the company supported you in your pregnancy, maternity leave and on your return?

The company has been fantastic to me throughout the whole process, very positive.  Heather is really flying the flag for mums to be and mums returning to work.  She has always made it clear to me that she is always happy to hear from me if I had any concerns whatsoever.  She has been very supportive whenever I have had meetings / called her.  She has always reassured me that the company would like for me to return.  This was very important to me as my first experience of maternity leave was quite different.  Having had children herself, Heather fully understands how a new mum feels.

Is there anything you felt that was missing that could have helped further?

Being kept up to date with any major updates/news within the team and company / invites to EOQ social events would have been positively received to feel that I am still part of the team and haven’t been forgotten.

Is there anything you thought was great?

The overall experience, feeling supported and assured that I am welcome back to work after maternity leave.  That there is the opportunity to return to work after having children. 

The Mums Network group is a fantastic idea, it’s been great to share stories and advice with expectant mums, mums on maternity leave and mums who have returned to work.

Heather Cracknell, the founder of the initiative says:

''Amy was concerned about returning to work as her previous experience was not so successful, it was great that both myself and Amy’s manager were able to reassure her about her return to work and ensure we answered all of her concerns.  Amy works two days a week which shows you can be flexible with working hours to meet the needs of the individuals and the company.

Amy is a strong member of the team and I know they were all really pleased to have her back, the issues that we have experienced with new mums and communication whilst they are on maternity leave has been highlighted as part of the new mums’ network, so a new process has been put in place regarding how the mums want to be communicated and when, so hopefully this issue won’t happen again.

Really positive to have so many of our new mums returning to work.''