How to manage the generations: Valuable People paper

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One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is how to manage the very distinct generations in the workplace.

Baby boomers, Generations X, Y and Z, Alpha, Millennials – call them what you will - each possess different characteristics which impact the way they work. Their aspirations, expectations and attitudes are often poles apart – from the way they learn, to use of technology and everything in-between.

The big question is: what can employers do to enable the generations to work side by side effectively?

Valuable People paper

To answer that question, the Serocor Group commissioned the Valuable People paper, which examines how employers can understand and engage with these diverse groups.

In it, human resource directors from several large organisations share their views and advice on the topic; where the overarching message is an emphasis on the importance of creating, communicating and living a set of fundamental values to empower your people.  

It makes for insightful reading – and may even inspire a few ideas.

The full paper is available to read here.