Take a spin through the past, present and future of the automotive industry

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The automotive industry is going through a massive transformation, from self-driving cars to EVs and the Uber effect on car ownership. 

For some, the car is merely a tool to get from A to B faster, but for many, the car represents excitement, freedom and escape. Whatever your motivations, the automobile is without doubt one of the defining cultural items of the 20th Century and beyond.

It's also a sector that's contributed hugely to the UK economy, with the Midlands hub housing firms such as Jaguar Land Rover, Mahle, Cosworth and Ricardo, creating a plethora of automotive jobs. 

We present the industry's greatest innovations and future trends in our timeline infographic:



Do you agree that the future is EV, autonomous and connected, or do you think they'll be other transformative trends? Contact us with your thoughts. 

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