ARM offer support for oil on troubled waters...

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All businesses involved in the UK Oil & Gas industry have been suffering in recent times and we at ARM Oil & Gas have felt the recent effects of the low oil price, and have had to evolve our business, or 'cut the cloth' in light of the current climate.

That being said, as a business, we are still here, supporting our clients and candidates in all areas of talent management, and we are keen to assist where we can. Our head office is in Havant with key strategic offices in London and Aberdeen.  

ARM Oil & Gas has been in existence for over six years and in terms of experience, we as a team have in excess of 30 years in the oil and gas business. The management have been involved in oil & gas recruitment in excess of 13 years each across the UK, US and EMEA. Because of this shared wealth of knowledge we are experts in the technical engineering and commercial sectors and can therefore offer unrivalled support. 

ARM is part of the Serocor Group (a group of recruitment and talent management companies encompassing ARM, Optamor, Bloc, Hawker Chase and Serocor Solutions), an award winning technology and engineering recruitment firm founded in 1996. As we are diversified as a Group we are able to put into place long term strategies to support both our clients and candidates. We are committed to our Aberdeen and London offices and as such are able to offer businesses unparalleled support from both the north and south of the UK. 

We can facilitate and offer guidance around cost efficiency, staff retention and movement, training staff or salary rate benchmarking. We are happy to collaborate and help move business projects forward. 

Feel free to visit our other blog pages where we discuss our views on the market and offer advice and recommendations on relevant topics. 

Please feel free to get in touch for further information: +44 (0)2392 228 223