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Over the last nine months we have seen a significant increase in work within ARM Marine & Shipping, in particular from the technical shipping markets with Technical Superintendents in high demand.

This demand has been particularly strong in the UK, Cyprus, Netherlands and Germany. ARM Marine & Shipping are now also supplying technical seagoing personnel to one of the world's largest oil companies and are constantly looking for Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, 2nd and 3rd Engineers. We have also supported some of the largest ship building companies recently with their Naval Architect requirements.  

All of the above has led to us as a business having to grow to meet our customers’ expectations and support their expanding needs. Our team has doubled in size and as such, we are able to offer a wide range of relevant skills and experience. We cover technical shipping, marine design, seagoing and commercial recruitment. 

What do we offer our customers? Due to our recent customer-centric growth, we are able to offer an unparalleled service to both our clients and candidates. Therefore, we are offering the opportunity to discuss how we can support your talent management plans. 

We are significantly different from other talent services; we do not simply supply CVs and profiles, we offer engagement and support. We are also able to offer support in regards to cost efficiency, staff retention and movement, staff training and salary rate benchmarking. 

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